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Space Quest 5 Spoofs and References > Space Quest 5 is chockfull with cool spoofs and references. This page lists them all.

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Space Quest 5 Spoofs and References
The bridge simulator looks a little like the Millenium Falcon, doesn't it?

When Roger is shuttled to his new command, it is mentioned that he "underwent a week of extensive Captains training on the planet of Oakhurst". Oakhurst used to be, as we all know, the seat for the Sierra On-Line HQ.

One of the ships in the Academy landing bay is for sale. It shows a telephone number and tells you to ask for Fester Blatz.

Another ship is described as "belonging to the Two Guys from Andromeda".

After having picked up trash with the Eureka, open the hatch of the garbage container. Then, use the eye icon. It'll give you the following message: "What a wonderful smell you've discovered." Han Solo says the same thing in Star Wars Episode 4 after he and his friends fall into the garbage chute.

Gir DraxonThe Galactic Inquirer Tabloit box insert contains an article called "Gir Draxon's Predictions for 3010 (which contains the navigational codes for the Eureka). Gir Draxon is of course the bad guy from Sierra's Nova 9.

On page 20 of the Galactic Inquirer there's an ad for a device called "the Teacher", created by "KARA, Inc." on "Sigma Draconis." The line at the top says "Perform Brain Surgery at Home." This is a reference to the original Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain" where the women of Sigma Draconis VI, led by a queen named Kara, steal Spock's brain to use in their main computer. They have this device called the Teacher which temporarily gives advanced knowledge to whoever wears it on the head. Eventually the crew recovers Spock's brain and Dr. McCoy uses the Teacher to get the knowledge needed to re-install the brain (hence the "reconnect cerebral cortexes in minutes" bit).

When entering the Rotunda area aboard the Academy, the moon outside is described as "one of the nine moons of Nova", in reference to a Dynamix game called "Nova 9". Also, exit the screen to the right. The planet in the background here is called "Vulcan", in reference to Star Trek. The planet Vulcan is Spock's home planet.

In one of the sequences in Space Quest 5, Roger remembers who Beatrice Wankmeister is. Bea's face is on a cutaway screen with music playing and stars shimmering in the background. That was in fact not unlike a scene in Wayne's World 1, where Wayne sees Cassandra singing. In the Wayne's World scene, the music fades to a slower pace (like the song in SQ5) and the background appears as shimmering stars. The name of the song is "Dream Weaver" as written and performed by Gary Wright.

The main theme song, played during the introduction sequence, was made out to be a spoof on the title song from Star Trek - The Old Series.

All the planets in Space Quest 5 are either parodies of something, or just names that have been horribly misspelled. Here's the most obvious:
- Thrakus: Mark Crowe explained once that Thrakus is not a spoof on anything. He just liked the sound of it.
- Kiz Urasgubi: Try "mispronouncing" it, and you'll come up with the colourful phrase "Kiss your ass goodbye".
- Lukaszuk II: Mispronounce this and it'll become a very unsubtle greeting to the competitor, LucasArts. It might also be a reference to two employees at Dynamix, named Piotr and Derek Lukaszuk.
- Gingivitis: A disease.
- Monostadt VII: This is a treatment for woman's vaginal yeast infections.
- Klorox II: A cleaning fluid.
- Gangularis: Also a disease.
- Commodore LXIV: an ancient home computer.
- Peeyu: An utterance of disgust, often used in combination with horrible smells.
- Spittoonie: In the Old West, a "spitoon" was the little bucket in which guys would spot their tobacco. Hell of a job to clean, I'll bet. It might also be a spoof on Luke Skywalker's home planet, which was called Tattoine.

The coordinates to Klorox II are 90210 - same as in that totally ridiculous television series.

The moons of Klorox II are called Larry, Moe and Curly.

The Genetix logo, shown in the hidden laboratory, only slightly resembles the Dynamix logo (as does the name itself). The slogan is a steal from Dow, having been re-written "We play God, so you don't have to". The original slogan read: "We work hard, so you don't have to".

The sequence where the Eureka picks up the trash bag is accompanied by the theme song from Stanley Kubric's "2001: A Space Odyssey."

In the transporter room of the Eureka, you can see a computer screen with pong on it.

New  Space Quest item!When you beam over to Genetix there is a transporter accident causing your head to be transplanted with that of a fly. This is taken directly from the 1950's Vincent Price sci-fi classic called "The Fly".

The sequence where Roger must rescue Cliffy in the asteroid field is also a direct steal from that very same movie - even down to the rescue method (with the claws and everything).

A Dynamic Coffee MugCaptain Quirk has a Dynamix-coffee cup. It's visible during the sequence, where the Eureka picks up the secret signal from the Genetix corporation.

Nelo Jones, the guy who sells you the Space Monkeys in the spacebar, is a spoof on the original Star Trek-episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles". Tribbles are, as you may or may not recall, small furry creatures, that breed a lot. So are Space Monkeys, as you can see.

The entire Spacebar sequence is a steal from the Star Trek TOS episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles". Not only does Nelo Jones show up, as mentioned in the above contribution from Tovi, and sells you rapidly-growing space monkeys (the original had a salesman called Cyrano Jones who sold Kirk tribbles). Also, Scotty (from the Enterprise) gets in a fight with a guy who calls the Enterprise a garbage scow. The exact same thing happens when Quirk and Roger come down from their game of Battle Cruiser, where Cliffy is fighting with a member of the Goliath, because he called the Eureka a garbage scow (although in this case, it actually IS a garbage scow).

WD40 is a parody on a lubricant.

Captain Raemes T. Quirk is a parody on Captain James T. Kirk from the original Star Trek series.

Spike is obviously made up to look like small, fast and incredibly annoying aliens from the "Alien" movies.

Nelo Jones calls himself the "merchant of venus", which is a spoof of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice".

Talk to Droole when you first arrive at Klorox II. He'll say that "just to be sure, we should nuke the entire site from orbit", which is a quote from the movie "Aliens".

When talking WD-40 in the transporter room she responds with: "I´m fully operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly". That´s exactly the status report H.A.L. gives in Stanley Kubric's "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Roger Wilco getting squashedWhen the elevator squashes you in the elevatorshaft of the Goliath, the death message displays a reference to "Mixed Up Mother Goose", a Sierra game.

New  Space Quest item!At the end of the game, Roger says to switch to heinous speed and Droole say for everyone to buckle up. But no one does. This is a spoof on the movie "Spaceballs". Darth Helmet, the villan of Spaceballs, gives the command to switch to ludicrous speed and ignores the suggestion to buckle up. He finds himself hanging off the edge of his command post. On a side note: this movie is a MUST see for SQ fans. Very funny

New  Space Quest item!The Goliath is a parody of the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor from "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi". It's the giant bluish colored ship that crashed into the second Death Star.

A reference to "Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy" can be found at the first screen of Kiz Urazgubi. One out of two messages that appear when you look at the scenery (i. e., the rock wall, the sky: anything indefinite) is: "This area reminds you of the decor of a resort on Eroticon 6 where you once vacationed. All that's missing are six bathing beauties and some crazy glue." Eroticon 6 is the origin of Eccentrica Gallumbits, a minor (but noteworthy) character in Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.


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