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Space Quest 5 Inventory items > This page describes the inventory items of Space Quest 5 and includes information on their location and usage. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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BuckazoidsBuckazoids. Cash. Money. Spendola. Not used in the entire game.

Safety ConesOrange safety cones. Useful for rerouting unwelcome traffic. Found in the StarCon Academy closet. Used for cleaning the crest.

scrub-o-matic power floor scrubber model 1812 Wow!!! The scrub-o-matic power floor scrubber model 1812 with patented sit 'n spin cleaning action! Found in the StarCon Academy closet. Used for cleaning the crest.

Anti-Acid TabletsNoevart anti-acid tablets. Found in Cliffy's Tool Box. Used to calm down Spike a little bit.

A FuseHigh-voltage circuit fuse. Found in Cliffy's Tool Box. Used to replace broken fuses on the fuse panel, located inside the Eureka's service tube.

A Hole PunchA hole punch. Found in Cliffy's Tool Box. Used at Genetix to punch holes in the business card.

A laser cutting torchA laser cutting torch. This might come in handy if you lock the keys in the car again. Found in Cliffy's Tool Box. Used to cut an opening inside the Goliath's hull.

PCDStarCon standard issue PCD (personal communication device). You get it when promoting to Captain. Used in various places. Just don't lose it, ya hear!

Rebreather MaskStandard issue Star Confederacy rebreather mask. Found in the storage locker inside the Eureka pod bay. Used to breath on Thrakus.

A TankTanks, a lot: It's full of air! Found in the storage locker inside Eureka's pod bay. Used to supply the EVA pod with extra air.

SpikeYour faithful (but not completely house-trained) companion, Spike. Found conveniently in Eureka's trash compartment. Use to save Cliffy and Bea.

A Sturdy BranchA sturdy branch that broke under your weight (maybe someone is trying to tell you something). Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene. Used "to boulder" WD40.

BananaThis exotic, vaguely banana-like fruit grows only here on Kiz Urazgubi. Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene. Used to stuff WD-40's exhaust pipe.

A Metal HeadThe metal head from the annihilator android, WD-40. Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene.

Left-Over PartA left-over part from Cliffy's overhaul of WD-40, the annihilator android.

A Cloaking DeviceCloaking device recovered from WD40's ship. Handle with care. Found inside WD-40's ship. Used on the Eureka (installed by Cliffy).

A Business ChipThe merchant of Venus' plastoid business chip. Given to you in the spacebar. Used to enter the Genetix lab.

Space MonkeysA package of dehydrated space monkeys given to you by the salesbeast at the spacebar. A small label at the bottom reads: "Warning: Do not allow contents of package to mix with alcohol." Used to save Cliffy. It makes a great present for the kids at home.

A Piece of Paper The battered scrap of paper appears to have some writing on it. Found on the floor of the Klorox II Colony greenhouse. Contains the password for computer log-in.

A FrockA lovely little frock. Too bad it's not your color. Found inside the escape pod on Thrakus. Used for saving your own ass.

Containers with Liquid NitrogenA handy travel sizes container of liquid nitrogen, just the thing to dump in the punch at dull parties. This -200 degree temperature of liquid instantly freezes anything it comes into contact with. Found inside the Genetix lab and used by WD40 on the Goliath bridge.

A Distributor CapCenturi Products Mark II warp distributor cap. Given to you by Beatrice and used in the engine room of the Goliath.
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