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Space Quest 5 Planets > Commanding his own garbage scow opens up brand new possibilities. Roger will be able to visit more planets then ever before. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Kiz Urazgubi
Kiz UrazgubiKiz Urazgubi, frequently mistaken for Kiss-Your-Ass-Goodbye, is a class M planet, capable of sustaining humanoid lifeforms. Its geological structure is that of a young planet; mountains and seas are making up the surface. This "Eden" is the perfect place to find rocky canyons and waterfalls. It reminds our friend Roger of the decor of a resort on Eroticon 6 where he once vacationed. All that's missing are six bathing latex beauties and a tube of crazy glue. Click on the planet to see more.

ThrakusThis planet has a highly toxic atmosphere. Be sure to have your own rebreather mask ready before beaming down to the surface. The climate of this planet is very warm and it's home to the largest mushrooms known to man. You can make some good stroganoff out of these beauties! This planet has an asteroid belt. Must be from a former moon or something.

Lukaszuk II
Lukaszuk IIThis relative small planet is unsuitable for humanoid lifeforms. StarCon Expedition teams never returned home from it. 

GingivitisThis planet is geologically active and highly unstable and sole planet of the Halitosis system. A perfect spot for a honeymoon! 

Monostadt VII
Monostadt VIIOn this inhospitable and forbidden planet, surface winds can exceed 500 kilometers per hour. Surf's up dude! 

Klorox II
Klorox IIAn early survey team found rare minerals on this planet. It was inevitable that this planet was going to be colonized. The planet itself has a breathable atmosphere with an average surface temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. After the visit of the starship Goliath, strange things happened. Nowadays, this colony is abandoned. Klorox II is accompanied by three moons: Larry, Moe and Curly (named by the first colonists)...

GangularisLabeled "The Green Paradise" by the Galactic Inquirer issue 3008. This planet is a very popular vacation hotspot. 

Commodore LXIV
Commodore LXIVA very small planet... Humans can not survive on this planet without a complete vac suit.

PeeyuThis planet is located near the borders of the G4 quadrant. The nearest sun is 5 billion miles away, which makes this planet awfully cold... 

SpittoonieThe surface temperature of this planet is minus 200 degrees. Further more, this planet is low on natural resources. VERY uninteresting, indeed.
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