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Space Quest 5 Story > Roger has bamboozled his way through the StarCon Space Academy and taken command of his own starship - okay, garbage scow - but now he's ready to take on the forces of evil across the galaxy.

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Space Quest 5 Story
StarCon Recruitment Leaflet"I'm getting too old for this hero stuff". Roger always wanted to be a StarCon captain, so why not trying to fulfill that dream at the StarCon Academy? The story opens with Roger desperately trying to pass the StarCon Aptitude Test, in hopes of becoming a starship captain. And of course our clever Space Cadet never studied for the test. He cheats, but passes the test none the less. A good thing that Proctormatic 9000 Anticheat droid never saw anything. Thus Roger becomes captain of his own ship, and not just a glamorous StarShip, but an interstellar Garbage Scow! Figures.....

His first orders are simple; picking up trash at three planets inside the G4 quadrant. The first two planets aren't any trouble. Heck, he even picks up a new pet along the way, which he names Spike. Life is not bad after all, ey Roger? There must be an angel sitting on one of the Garbage Scow's wingtips. Too bad that angel will soon fly away, leaving Roger and his crew exposed to the Intergalactic Menace that has just appeared on the horizon.

Do I need to mention Roger's mail fraud back in Space Quest 2? Well nobody, except Roger of course, forgot about that. Roger has to face the deadly WD-40, a DeathStalker Mark VI Annihilator android from the planet Oakhurst IV. Man, looks like these Gippazoid company's annihilators are just like your favorite Xenon Gold Card: everywhere you are! Now it's time to use your infamous dumb luck, Roger...

That's not all, after picking up a rather strange transmission signal between two ships, things are really getting nasty.... Does Roger what it takes to save the universe again?


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