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Space Quest 5 Plot Inconsistencies > The designers of Space Quest have made some small mistakes and overlooked certain details. This resulted in funny plot inconsistencies. I've listed them below.

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Space Quest 5 Plot Inconsistencies

In the Space Piston magazine supplied with Space Quest 4 there's an interview with Roger Wilco about his past adventures. However, in the Galactic Inquirer (supplied with Space Quest 5), it says that nobody has seen or heard of roger ever since he began working on the Arcada!

The main rotunda of the StarCon Academy is made up of two screens that contain the StarCon Crest. If you put these screens together to make one big one, you'll notice the crest isn't triangular!

Eureka's shield usage doesn't always make sense. Having shields up or down has no effect on the attacks of WD40 and the Goliath, weapons use, the RRS or the EVA pod, or beaming down to some planets. However, if you try to enter Genetix or Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar or beam down to the colony on Klorox II too early, you won't be able to get through their transporter shields

New Funfact!When you first get into the Eureka (in the docking bay of the Academy), you can go down to where the pod is and click "Airlock". Although Roger is still inside the bay, the game "thinks" you're in outer space. The consequences are for Roger, needless to say.

New Funfact!When Cliffy goes out to fix the Eureka, he is wearing a spacesuit, but where did he get it? There are two in the pod bay, but the game states that one had the seat of the pants ripped out and the other is too small for Roger. If it's too small for Roger, it's definately too small for Cliffy. Looks like someone on the design forgot to tie up all the loose ends on this one!

You can't go to the SpaceBar until you have collected garbage from Gangularis, Peeyu and Kiz Urazgubi but at the latter, WD40 attacks before you have time to operate the RRS. After you defeat her, there isn't any garbage to pick up. The game assumes your mission is complete and allows you to go to the SpaceBar but you haven't picked up the last load of trash.

Here's something weird about Genetix. Fly into the lock and the Genetic Research Laboratory and check the security cams to see Cliffy and WD40 beam down. Now fly outside and talk to Cliffy. WD40 will fly off to do a perimeter check. If you fly back into the Lab, the monitors will show Cliffy and WD40 still standing at their landing site! Fly back out and go to the dumpster. Cliffy will follow you and let your "other self" out of the bin. Fly back to the Lab again and the monitors will still be showing the same thing even though neither Cliffy nor WD40 are on that screen anymore!

There is only one Schmears Brand Cutting Torch in Cliffy's toolbox all the way through the game, but when you use it and leave it in the EVA pod and then return to the Eureka you'll find it has reappeared to be taken again. But you don't get any extra points.


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