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Donors > This section honors the great donors who donated their hard-earned to help us crowdfund the purchase of SpaceQuest.Net to prolong its existence!



When SpaceQuest.Net was put up for sale by its owner, Frans van Hofwegen, we put forth an effort to make sure the site remained in the hands of fans, rather than scammers or other ill-wishing ilk, and started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to purchase the domain and restore the site to its former glory. We planned to turn the ownership rights over to us so that SpaceQuest.Net remained in the hands of fans. Below is the list of the kind individuals who donated to our cause. Let this page be a shrine unto them for all eternity as long as this website exists.




Robert Kety

Chris Ouellette

Steven Alexander

Rob Rich

+Two Anonymous People
From Andromeda



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