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Space Quest 5 Ships > This page offers a description of the most important space ships in Space Quest 5. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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StarCon Academy
The StarCon Academy Orbiting the planet Davicon 5 is the StarCon Academy. It is the the pride of StarCon and one of the best of its kind in the known universe. It serves the Star Confederation as both its major academy and as an important service depot. It has the capacity to house twelve full size star cruisers, that can be outfitted simultaneously in the massive vehicle bay. It is the second largest structure of its kind in the known universe according to Guinnea's Log of Galactic Records.

WD-40's ship

WD-40's Ship You really don't want to mess with this baby. In tradition of Gippazoid Novelty, this ship, just like Arnoid's, if capable of cloaking. It has 4 proton torpedo tubes, that can be reloaded within the second. It can reach speeds up to warp 7, thanks to the Zeon treble trail spikes. It cost a mere 1.999.999.999,99 buckazoids! Its body can easily adjust itself to land on the most impossible terrain types. When going from land to flight mode, the claws will retract, the wings will straighten, the nose will go up and it will be out of your sight be for you can say: "Fluff me! That was fast!".

Eureka One couldn't have dreamed of a better ship. She's a Dumbster-class, Hoover-type, Sanitation Scow. Not the newest of craft to be sure, she was originally commissioned during the DustBunny wars centuries ago. Both a light fighter and refuse disposal ship, Eureka fought her way from system to system back then, cleaning up after the star-shattering battles between the StarConFederation and the alien invaders-fiends who tracked grease, grime, and destruction wherever they went... Today, Eureka's main mission is to perform routine garbage disposal at ConFederation colony worlds and research stations.

Goliath This is Captain Quirk's ship which is the largest and most powerful battlecruiser of the StarCon Fleet, packed with the latest weaponry and other neat gadgets like Class X shield capacitors, Hyper Fluxers, Stellar Convertors and so on. You don't want to mess with this baby, trust me.

Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar
Space Bar Just saved the world? Let's take some R&R at the Space Bar! The place where all off-duty StarCon personnel come for food, fine music, and wholesome camaraderie! But from what I can tell, none of that exists here. It looks more like cheap booze, karaoke, and bar brawls. This ship is even equipped with a jail, for visitors who have bad intentions.
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