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Space Quest 4 Story > Take a trip through space and time as Roger embarks on a topsy-turvey adventure through his own past and distant future. The deadly Sequel Police are out to make this the last Space Quest ever.

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Space Quest 4 Story
After Roger rescued the Two Guys from Andromeda in his last adventure, he decides a pitstop on Magmetheus is in order. He finds himself spending his buckazoids in a spacy space bar. Just when he zipped down his third drink, problems appeared on the horizon. Rudely interrupting his conversation with two weird looking aliens, Roger is taken outside by so-called "Sequel Police" for a holo-message. It's that demented evil scientist again, Sludge Vohaul! But didn't Roger took care of Sludge in one of his previous adventures? Sludge is up to no good, and to be sure he succeeds, Roger must die. Just when the the Sequel Police prepare to open fire, Roger is saved by two mysterious looking dudes. He is forced to jump into a time rip and his fourth adventure is already underway...

Thanks to the time rip, Roger ends up in the Space Quest 12 time era. Hey wait, this looks just like Xenon! It IS Xenon. It's... It's... It's really a pile. What happened here? He will soon find out.

After some wandering around, Roger finds a timepod. And not just a time pod, oh no! It's the Timebuster 2000 SUX (the follow up of the Timeslug 1000 S-EX). "Woah!", is Roger's intelligent reaction when looking at the pod's interior. Why, a panel with strange symbols! These symbols might resemble a code to another time area. "Gosh, Now what? I don't know any times codes. Well, here we go." Without thinking, Roger puts his hand before his eyes and presses 6 of them pretty looking symbols. And it works... Well, it should have, 'cause Roger just demonstrated his famous dumb luck.

Not wasting any time, he's off to Space Quest 10 in his quest to finish off Sludge Vohaul for good... Will he succeed? Well, there is a Space Quest 5, isn't there? Why don't you find out for yourself?


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