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Space Quest 5 Characters > Roger meets a number of interesting characters in Space Quest 5. This page offers a description of the most important ones. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister
Beatrice Wankmeister
Rating: G6 Quadrant's Ambassador to the Star Confederacy
Age: 29
Personality profile: Striking looks, a keen intellect, and a strong personality have combined to make Beatrice Wankmeister one of the most effective negotiators in the history of the G6 Quadrant's diplomatic corps. An outspoken advocate on sentient species' rights and environmental issues, Beatrice's vigorous activities in these areas have led to several legislative measures and two stellar protocols, including one on hazardous waste disposal. Beatrice's natural inclination to speak her mind has been tempered, but not eliminated, by her years of service in the diplomatic corps. She has gone after the interstellar consortiums with dogged tenacity that, at times, bordered on the obsessive. Beatrice is currently single, having little time or interest for anything but her work.

Raems Tipper Quirk
Raems Tipper Quirk
Rating: Captain, SCS Goliath
Age: 38
Personality profile: His physical image is flawless, the archetypal Fleet space hero, all good looks, perfect hair and teeth, solid muscle, a great uniform and stuff. Captain Quirk is an ambitious and opportunistic sycophant, slithering his way towards the upper echelons of the StarCon hierarchy. His dislike of Roger is immense. Captain Quirk's latest scheme for personal aggrandizement is a clandestine effort with the Genetix corporation to dump toxic wastes illegally on planets in the G6 quadrant. He also has designs on Ambassador Beatrice Wankmeister.

Gosh, this thing is cute, a baby Facehugger! After trash pickup at Gangularis, Roger found this new friend in the Eureka's trash compartment. The creature attached itself to Roger's face, completing their introduction. Roger decided to keep the poor beast "for further study". "Crew, Spike will be a morale booster for all of us. A friend, Eureka's mascot... Uhhm, hello? Crew?"

Florence Qwerty - "Flo"
Rating: Communications Specialist, Grade 4.
Age: 40 something
Personality profile: Flo is a highly skilled and effective communications officer - in the rare moments when the mood strikes her. She spends most of her time on the bridge reading glamour magazines and doing her nails. Flo has her own set of priorities and will not undertake any task she deems pointless or beneath her talents. Needless to say, this has led to a certain amount of friction with her superior officers in the past. Flo has a bit of difficulty maintaining long-term relationships with men, but it's not for lack of trying; her trail of ex-husbands stretches across the galaxy.

Clifford Clifton Crawford
CliffyRating: Chief of the Boat, SCS Eureka. Chief engineering officer.
Age: 51
Personality profile: Known to all as "Cliffy" because of his hobby of attempting to climb nearly vertical mountains. He is, I am told, not terribly good at the skill; although well-practiced, his overabundant girth makes it impossible for him to see where to place his feet... Anyway, more at home with machines than people, Cliffy spends most of his time puttering about the nooks and crannies of the engineering section. He's the kind of guy who can fix a warp motivator with bailing wire and chewing gum, and still make it exceed rated output by 20%. Cliffy is extremely loyal to those few people he considers friends, but those who don't know him often find Cliffy bad-tempered and querulous.

Droole Rating: Nav/weapons technician, second class.
Age: 102
Personality profile: This is Droole, the reddish-hued humanoid from the edge of the Gargoyle Cluster. He is a surly and sarcastic navigation/weapons officer with an itchy trigger finger. Given the chance, Droole will shoot first and ask questions later. His current posting to the Eureka is the result of an unfortunate incident involving an unarmed freighter and a defective com-link. Droole speaks little and says less, which is fine by me given the fact that he lives up to his name when he opens his mouth.

Yep, Roger thought it was all over with after he had that run in with Arnoid on the planet Phleebhut a few years back. This is WD40, sent after Roger by the Gippazoid Novelty Company for his mailfraud back in Space Quest 2... WD-40 calls itself a goddess-class Wonderwoman Droid with a low serial number. But in fact, the womanoid is a DeathStalker Mark VI Annihilator android from the planet Oakhurst IV. These units are reported to have a 99.99% kill efficiency. Nonetheless, Roger managed to disable it somehow. Cliffy reprogrammed her to serve as a member of the Eureka's crew. WD40 is both cool and efficient, maintaining a cybernetic aloofness no matter how tense the situation may be.

Maggot His real name is unknown. It is said that this person works for the secret Genetix company. Visitors of the Space Bar claimed to have seen him with Captain Quirk from the SCS Goliath in more than one occasion. The Eureka has intercepted a transmission of this person once. There are rumors this guy is a member of the so-called "Sludge Bandits", but The Truth Is Still Out There™.

Proctormatic 9000 Anticheat droid

Proctormatic 9000 Anticheat droid A round, metallic, floating enforcer and executioner rented especially for the StarCon Aptitude Test. So important are the SAT's to StarCon, that any cheating - or suspected cheating - is punishable by immediate incineration. The Proctormatic 9000 finds their victims via line-of-sight; it's not terribly efficient, but does keep their prices way down. As long as the droid can't see you, you're OK. It's not that StarCon disapproves of cheating, it's just that the policy is that there is no room in the Fleet for officers who actually get caught.

Harry Kerry
(currently undergoing personal construction)
Harry Kerry Colony administrator of Klorox II.
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