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Space Quest 5 Cameo Appearances > A cameo appearance is a brief appearance of a well-known or notable person. Space Quest 5 is chockfull of them and they are all listed in this page.

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Space Quest 5 Cameo Appearances

One of the ships in the Academy landing bay has an engine like the one on the old USS Enterprise.

One of the Skull Fighters from Space Quest 3 is in the Academy landing bay.

When you enter the Rotunda area at the StarCon Academy, the guard in the foreground is playing an old game called "Missile Command".

ElvisElvis has a cameo appearance. Go to the main rotunda in the Academy, then follow the walkway to the right. Elvis rounds the corner.

Near where Elvis appears, there's another guard blocking your admission to the south. He's playing another old game called "Asteroids".

Obi-Wan and Darth VaderObi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader are battling out their famous lightsaberfight in the StarCon Academy. When you're in the hallway, walk north until you reach the entrance to the main rotunda.

Worf from Star Trek: The next Generation is sitting in the classroom in the Academy. However, he has been re-labeled "Woof" and is described as the Academy's ambu-jitsu champion.

Both Flash Gordon and Albert Einstein are mentioned on the gigantic grade master machine. Incidentally, they both fail.

An Astro ChickenThe Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3 makes a quick appearance aboard the Eureka. Take the lift down to the shuttlebay and look to the far left. There's an array of lockers there. Open the one to the far left and watch.

After setting the space monkeys loose, freeing Cliffy from the prison cell and returning to the lounge, two guys are teleported away. Sean Murphy, who was an artist on Space Quest 5 at the time, explains: "We did a lot of video-capture for the game; most of the characters you see walking around are actual actors who were videotaped and then modified in Deluxe Paint (I played Roger Wilco!). A couple of the artists got up in random costumes (much of them lifted from the 'Betrayal at Krondor' costume library, which was being made at the same time and shot in the same studio) to play background characters and such; the two characters in that scene are artists wearing bizarre, random sci-fi costumes (I know one of them was artist Rhonda Conley; I can't remember who the other one was). Unfortunately because of the low resolution, it's hard to make out who they are." You can see Sean in the Galactic Inquirer tabloid included with the game in the "production of Space Quest 5" section. He's the one dressed as Roger about to be set on fire, and being hoisted bodily onto a scanner. He says himself that "that shot involved some serious acrobatics".

The PacMan also makes a guest appearance in the Goliath ventilation system. On level 8, find the intersection, which lead in all directions. Go left. Roger will exit the screen, but come back, followed by the PacMan.

Patrick Stewart (who plays Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: TNG) stars as the mutant colonist on Klorox II.

The Labion Terror Beast appears in the Genetix lab. Try opening the cage that "makes an odd whirring sound".


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