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Space Quest 5 Patches > This chapter contains software to repair or update your game. It also contains a fix to solve the timer problems!

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Space Quest 5 Patches

Space Quest 5 small bug fix patch (18,2 KB)
Fixes several small bugs, no need to reinstall the game. A word of caution: this patch is meant only for versions lower than 1.03. To see what version you have, open the file VERSION with notepad (or type "edit version" if you're using DOS). If your version is 1.03 or lower, then you might need this patch. However, if I'm correct, version 1.04 (supplied with the Space Quest Collection) does not need this patch.

Space Quest 4 and 5 sound patch (8 KB)
This update corrects a problem with some Soundblaster cards in which only the first digitalized sound effect is heard. It also fixes the "unable to initialize audio hardware" error.

Timer problem patch
Space Quest 5 has several timer issues that occur if you play the game on a fast computer (150 Mhz +). Various animations run too fast and it's almost impossible to resque Cliffy in the EVA pod. If you have these problems too, you need the timer patch. Check out my very complete Timer Issue article by clicking on the link above. The article contains links to programs, utilities, fixes, patches and tips you can use to fix the timer problems! For starters, check out this webpage. New Rising Sun has developed some awesome fixes that COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the timer problems. The website includes enough information how to install the patches correctly. These patched are HIGHLY recommended and preferred in favour of slow down utilities and emulators.


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