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Space Quest 2 Spoofs and References > Space Quest 2 contains some cool spoofs and references. This page lists them all.

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Space Quest 2 Spoofs and References

The RestroomThe bathroom aboard Vohaul's Asteroid makes references to Al Lowe (designer of Leisure Suit Larry) and John Williams, whom is affectionately referred to as "Brownfog" around the Sierra-offices. If you sit long enough in the toilet stall, you will eventually get a message that states, that something smells around here, and that the name "John" suddenly springs to mind. For some additional fun in the bathroom, try using your lighter! There are some funny messages at the walls when "you're doing your stuff". Did you know Vohaul plays text adventures? And King Graham cross dresses (referring to the ruler of Daventry, King's Quest). Just to illustrate how colorful the parser is, do use the toilet. There are several commands you can use: "use toilet", "dump", "sit down", "crap", and "defecate".

Sludge Vohaul Space Quest 2 was developed in Oakhurst California, the former home of Sierra Online. Oakhurst is close to Yosemite National Park, a 90 minutes drive from Fresno. People love to picnic there and there are special spots for that. A nice place with seats, tables and of course trash cans. But you know about Yosemite National Park, right? There are a lot of bears wandering around! The bears are attracted to those picnic spots and attack the trash containers; looking for a left-over-snack. The Park Rangers came up with a great idea. A special designed trash container, so the bear couldn't reach the stuff inside. This "little" trash basket looks like a huge metal container about the size of a van with "doors' on top of it. It is called (you guessed it) "a vohaul". I got this from the Discovery Channel. Now, you all know what "Sludge" is right? I was talking with Sludge Vohaul about this the other day. His comment: "Named after a bear-resistant trash container? It's a lie! You just sound like a low life janitor I know. Wait until I get my hands on you!"

There's a reference to Greg Steffen in the game. Type the word "star" inside the transportation control room of XOS4 to find out yourself. It so happens that Greg did some work on the boxes of Leisure Suit Larry 3 and King's Quest 3 back in the old days.

Vohaul's monkey men seems to be a poke at the monkeys from "The Planet of the Apes".

Trivial, but true: The Cubix Rube is a spoof on Rubic's Cube, a little puzzle made by Erno Rubik.

When Roger is caught in the hunters snare on Labion, he dreams he is Leisure Suit Larry.

The Labion Terror Beast is clearly a spoof on the Tazmanian Devil.


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