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Space Quest 2 Fun Facts > This page contains everything you wanted to know about Space Quest 2 and then some!

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Space Quest 2 Fun Facts
Even before Space Quest 1 was released in 1986, The Two Guys already knew there was going to be a sequel.

The latest Space Quest Collection box contains a small typo. It sez Space Quest II: Vouhaul's Revenge. Woopsie.

On the screen with the chasm where you climb the tree that breaks, you can get lots of points by typing "climb tree" repeatedly. Each time you type it, you'll get the 3 points again. To do this more easily, just type "climb tree" and while you're climbing press F3 and ENTER all over again to get the additional points.

Try bringing up the "about" box in the menu of Space Quest 2 after you have died. It's not the same text as when you were alive. Instead of the usual: "Space Quest was designed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe", it now says: "Space Quest was designed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. We hope you're not looking for someone to blame just because you died."

Cave SquidThe secret tunnel system of the Pinkunz is full with deadly Cave Squid. I'm not saying this is a wise thing to do but from the start of the cave maze go: down, right, down, right, down, right, up, left, up, left, then back to the right to meet one. Click here for the map of the maze system.

Typing BACKSTAGE or DBG while playing will activate the debug-mode. Just like the codes in Space Quest 1, you can use "TP" to teleport. A wrong number will kick you out. Same goes for "GET OBJECT". "WHO" will display the name you entered at the start of the game and "PRAY" says you've got one minute left.

When aborting the salesman launch, the code TITS will also work. The original code was SHSR. If you did what Kubric and Clarke did to get the name HALL 2001, you'd get the word TITS. They simply took the name "IBM" and used the previous letter in the alphabet. So "I" becomes "H", "B" becomes "A" and "M" becomes "L". Same thing with the code used in the game.

Sierra got a letter from an angry (American) mom because of the use of a jockstrap as inventory item.

In the spring of 1989, the Space Piston Magazine comic book supplied with Space Quest 2 won the Golden Oak Award for best publication. The Golden Oak Awards honor excellence in the advertising field in the Fresno area, which was one of the largest test marketing cities in the USA at that time. Months earlier in fall 1988, Space Quest 2 was listed number four in Sierra's Top 5 Bestsellers. Therefore it can be assumed Space Quest II sold over 100.000 copies, thus earning the coveted SPA (Software Publishiers Association) Gold Medal.

Mark Crowe was not only working on ALL the graphics for Space Quest 2, but also on ALL the graphics for Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards". Guess Mark didn't either slept nor ate during the production of those two games!

There were strong indications Sierra wanted to remake Space Quest 2, just like they did with Space Quest 1. But they quickly trashed that idea after the first remake flopped. Too bad...

There are many ways to make it to the shuttle. In this puzzle you'll have to find a way to get passed the guard and enter the elevator. There are different ways to do the same thing. As you can see from the picture, I've added a few numbers. I assume you are at point 1.

The Platform Puzzle When the guard turns his back at you, you can walk safely from point 1 to 2. Be sure to make it to point 2 before he turns around again. Do the same to make it from point 2 to point 3. Now you can "call the guard". When the guard leaves the elevator, quickly walk behind his back and enter the elevator. And no keycard is needed.

The Terror Beast made an opening in a boulder. Go through that opening and be sure to take a rock on your way to the platform. Now, you can throw the rock at the guard, but this will kill you. If you throw the rock at the bushes, the guard will come down and look what happened. Again, you should have moved to point 3 or 4. He will walk away and you can go into the elevator without keycard.

Using this method will give you maximum points out of this puzzle. You can do this from point 1. You can actually sling the rock in your supporter at the guard, which will kill him. But you need the keycard. One of the crashed guards from the hovercraft will have such an item. Typing "Throw rock at guard in supporter" will work, but you can also use "throw rock guard supporter". Don't you just love parser games?


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