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Space Quest 2 Ships > This page offers a description of the most important space ships in Space Quest 2. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Xenon Orbital Station 4
The Xenon Orbital Station 4XOS4 is one of the many Orbital Stations, orbiting Xenon. Although operational, it's still under construction. Roger was transferred to XOS4 for his new job as head janitor. No big deal, since he was also the only janitor. It is the transfer point for many travelers seeking transportation to the various planets in the Earnon system. Xenon is planning to build 12 XOS', building a complete network of them around the planet.

Transportation Shuttle
A Transport Shuttle This is just one of many Vohaul's transport shuttles, transporting people from, but mainly to, the labor mines. There is not much to say about it. It is a pretty good ship, very easy to operate. Even by Vohaul's Apemen. Take a look at the interior, just click on the ship. Notice how good the graphics are (for that time)! A fantastic job, done by Mark Crowe.

Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress
Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress It looks like an ordinary asteroid from the outside. Just one of the many orbiting Labion. It serves as Sludge Vohaul's secret hideout. At the end of his life, Sludge managed to start the launch of his clones to Xenon and putting the asteroid into a lower orbit. It burned up when it came into contact with Labion's atmosphere... More about Sludge in the character page, and click here and here to see more pictures.

A HovercraftHovercraft
The main transportation to and from launch platforms on Labion. These crafts are operated by Apemen. Boy, these guys are so STUPID! Just look at the hair do! No wonder Roger could escape.


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