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Space Quest 2 Game Information > Sludge Vohaul, the demented evil scientist defeated in Space Quest 1 is back and he's madder than a drenched Astro Chicken.

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Space Quest 2 Game Information
The game was released in 1987 using Sierra's AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter), the same game engine Space Quest 1 uses. The game supports EGA, CGA, VGA, Hercules Monochrome, MCGA (PS2) and Tandy graphics modes. The game uses a maximum of 16 colors, a screen resolution of 160 X 200 pixels, requires a whopping 256K and has optional joystick support. When playing the game, you hear the "music" through your computer's internal speaker. Apple and Amiga users had improved sound and soundeffects; 3 simultaneous tones instead of 1. You can use the parser interface to insert commands such as "LOOK AROUND" and "GET KEYCARD".

The game was originally sold for $49,99 and was included later on in several bundles and collections. The original game came with:
- a box
- two 3.5" game disks or three 5.25" disks containing either game version 2.0A, 2.0B, 2.0C, 2.0D, 2.0E or 2.0F for either DOS, Apple (Macintosh, Apple II or IIGs), Atari ST or Amiga
- The Space Piston Magazine booklet with the game manual inserted in the middle
- a reference card
- optional hint book for $7,95 (two different versions were released. The adventure gaming window edition and the not-so-popular hint pen revealer edition)
- registration card
- Sierra games catalogue


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