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Space Quest 2 Cameo Appearances > A cameo appearance is a brief appearance of a well-known or notable person. Space Quest 2 has some nice cameos and they are all listed in this page.

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Space Quest 2 Cameo Appearances
Check the Space Piston Magazine that came with the game. It contains a lot of silly secrets:
- Spock is sitting at the bar, saying "Look at the action that just walked in. Nice biped material, eh?"
- R2D2 is part of Vohaul's Asteroid.
- David Letterman appears, disguised as David Letterdroid
- Darth Vader's TIE-fighter is flying out of a Monolith Burger
- The old USS Enterprise is lurking in the background
- Mr. Potato head is disguised as an asteroid
- Vohaul's back is made up of a photo camera, a VCR and a Pampers diaper
- Fred Flintstone appears in the corner of Orat's cave, saying "Barn? Is that you?"
- When examining Orat, Roger's shoulder emblem is the Sierra logo.

The kissing alien in Vohaul's Asteroid looks like the alien in Ridley Scott's "Alien".

ED-201 from the RoboCop movies can be seen in Vohaul's asteroid. However, he has been cleverly re-labelled "Vohaul MarrowMatic".


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