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Space Quest 2 Characters > Roger comes face to face with his archenemy Sludge Vohaul in his second adventure. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Sludge Vohaul
“With years of hatred embedded within him, Vohaul vows to enact his insidious revenge upon the innocent throngs inhabiting Xenon. Silently, he curses the scientific community which ostracized him eons ago…”

Sludge was originally a siamese twin (not with Slash Vohaul, his good natured brother). During Sludge's childhood, he undertook surgery to get separated from his twin brother. Sadly, his brother got all the good organs and Sludge was sold off to research by his parents. He has not lived peacefully with this knowledge. Kinda put him in a full time pissy mood.

Sludge Vohaul grew up to be a scientist and was the genious behind the Star Generator when it was in concept stages. It was to be his ultimate war weapon until some sissy pants scientists decided it would be better used saving lifes rather than destroying them. What a waste of technology! As things turned out, Slash Vohaul (Sludge’s good natured brother) continued Sludge’s work after he was banned from the project. Humiliated but far from being defeated, Sludge continued monitoring the progress of the project from a distant. He concluded the Star Generator was the perfect device to make the scientific community pay for what they did to him (not to mention he could finally set a few things right that happened in the past). And what the hell if a few (billion) innocent beings were wasted? It would be their fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He arranged for his "disappearance" shortly after the Arcada set out to test the Generator. During the testing stages of the Generator, it seems that Slash had found out the project was being monitored. His extra caution turned out to be in vain as the evil Sariens race attacked the Arcada using their largest battlecruiser: The Deltaur. You see, the Sariens owed Sludge a favour and he commanded them to attack the Arcada to steal the Generator. Some lowly space janitor called Roger Wilco somehow managed to blow up the mighty Deltaur that now had the captured Generator onboard, and thus unknowingly ruining Sludge’s operation.

Sludge VohaulMadder than a drenched Astrochicken Vohaul vowed revenge. He seems to have built a vast empire in the meantime, owning orium mines, slave colonies and an army of monkey men. His evil plan? Well, this time he was going to infest Xenon with genetically engineered salesmen, who would turn the entire planet into driveling vegetables, thereby having an entire planet under his command. To ensure he would succeed, he wanted to devistate Roger Wilco; the guy who unknowingly foiled Vohaul’s Sarien Operation. That also failed, as Roger Wilco infiltrated his hidden asteroid fortress and pulled the plug on Vohaul (Vohaul was only kept alive by a sophisticated life support system. This was the result of the many atrocious tests he conducted on himself somewhere in the past). Vohaul was once again presumed dead...

Sludge's Henchmen
An ApemanApemen
Sludge didn't like to get his own hands dirty. He therefore created/drafted (it's unkown where he get them from) an army of Apemen. You'll be surprised how stupid they are (not to mention how stupid they look). Good thing for Roger though: he managed to escape from quite few of these.

The Marrow-MaticThe Vohaul Marrow-Matic

Sludge also created some robots to do his dirty work. What you see here is the Vohaul Marrow-Matic, a droid specifically designed to protect the Asteroid Fortress' escape pods against misuse. The droid uses a deadly ray that will cook you inside out. What a delicious sight that must be!

A Wallbot
These droids are hanging around Vohaul's secret chamber. Be sure to stay away from them. And somebody should tell them to stay away from water!

An unkown alienUnkown Alien
It's a dark prehistoric-looking beast with plates covering its body. One outstanding feature is a pair of gigantic red lips.

Labion wild life
The Labion Terror BeastThe Labion Terror Beast
Famous for their mating call and typhoon-like movement, these ferocious looking creatures will destroy everything that crosses their path. Also one of the most stupid and curious species ever known to man (and woman too). Think they're looking kinda cute? Forget it, these creatures won't make nice pets.

The Pinkunz is a native animal with a fair amount of intelligence. They live in secrecy afraid of the hunters. Their homes are the many canyons and caves on Labion, which are all connected by a large underground tunnel system.

A Swamp Creature
Swamp Creatures
Little is known about these creatures. They live in swamp water, eating almost everything.

Cave SquidCave Squid
These animals are quite afraid of (sun)light, so be sure to have a flashlight with you when entering a Labion cave. But having a source of illumination is not enough when trying to evade these creatures. You see, when you enter their part of the cave, they are willing to put their fear for light behind them... They wait for you to reach a dead end, and then...

A Hunter
Once thought to be the dominant species of Labion. But that was before the Pinkunz creatures were discovered. The Hunters are believed to be descendants from Humans. Only this particular species is even dumber.

A Bearion
Just your average bear-like-beast.
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