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Space Quest 2 Cancelled Stuff > The source code of the game sometimes contains codes, animations and graphics that aren't used in the actual game.

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Space Quest 2 Cancelled Stuff
Using a tool called AGI Studio I opened up Space Quest 2 version 2.0A (the latest version 2.0F didn't work with the program for some reason). AGI Studio enables you to look around in the game's source code, animations and other graphics. I found some stuff that shouldn't be there. Stuff that isn't used in the actual game. Leftovers from early puzzles, jokes or animations that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

A crashed shipHere you can see two images that make up a very short animation of a crashing ship of some sort. Because these are the only two frames of the animation, making an animated file out of these is no good. Maybe this was once the first version of the crashed hovercraft? Obviously, this animation was never finished and didn't make it into the final release.

An odd looking swamp creatureThen there's this creature which appears to be a swamp beast. If this is the case, it looks like the Two Guys had a larger swamp in mind, or maybe some other "rub berries on body" scene. Or maybe this guy was supposed to be guarding the gem? One thing's for sure though: the plain dull look of the creature ensured a fast exit.


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