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Space Quest 3 Plot Inconsistencies > The designers of Space Quest have made some small mistakes and overlooked certain details. This resulted in funny plot inconsistencies. I've listed them below.

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Space Quest 3 Plot Inconsistencies
Roger is pursued by a bill collector from Gippazoid Novelty Company (Arnoid) demanding he pays for that Labion Terror Beast Mating Call Whistle he ordered back in Space Quest 2. However, if you examine the order form in Space Quest 2, it says the whistle is free. Scott Murphy blushes: "Mark and I both missed it. I hadn't a clue until I read it here. I don't think either of us thought that if you actually bought this game, you'd be looking that closely."

The cryo chamber at the end of Space Quest 2 seems to have a strange effect on boots. When Roger climbs into the chamber his boots are purple, but when he emerges again in Space Quest 3 they've suddenly become black. To add even more confusion, in Space Quest 3 many views show a small Roger with purple boots. The big question remains; does Roger have two pair of boots in SQ3, or did the Two Guys simply mess up (again)? It is believed the boots were originally meant to be purple, but the Two Guys had to change it later on because of Phleebhut's purple sand. The small animations of Roger were left untouched, with the original purple boots as a result. This will never do.

When fighting Elmo in the Nukem Dukem robots, you can walk around him so that you're standing right and he is standing left. You can then force him to the wall and defeat him. When you do, he'll smash a hole in the left side of the arena but when you escape with the Two Guys to your ship, the hole of the next screen is on the left side too, which doesn't make sense. Click here and here for two screen shots. Beating Elmo is much harder when he's on the left side of the screen.

New Funfact!When disguised as the Scumsoft janitor, if you walk out onto the platform and see the Aluminum Mallard, it shows Roger in his normal lavander and grey space janitor threads, even though he's in the Scumsoft janitor outfit! Unless he has the power to change his clothes in the half second it takes to switch the screen, the two Guys goofed up! Take a look at this screenshot for proof.


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