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Space Quest 3 Cancelled Stuff > The source code of the game sometimes contains codes, animations and graphics that aren't used in the actual game.

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Space Quest 3 Cancelled Stuff
Junkyard DogWith my copy of Space Quest 2 came the Sierra Game Catalogue Summer 1988. It featured a page about the upcoming Space Quest 3. On the bottom of each page was a small filmstrip with some screenshots. When looking at one of the screenshots in that filmstrip, I noticed something very peculiar: A green bear-like creature wandering around in one of the Garbage Freighter rooms.

Screenshot in the FilmstripI admit that the quality of the filmstrip screenshot scan is anything but perfect, and do notice those weird colours. That's because the original picture is just 2 by 1 centimeters! Can you see the red spray-painted text on the wing of the left most spacecraft (actually a Tie-Fighter from Star Wars)? I know, you can't read it, but I found some information about this. It says: "the empire sucks!". Ken Williams told the Two Guys to remove it, because of legal issues.

The weird colors are probably the result of some printing error. FlashMaster80 explains: "All printed materials (like the Sierra catalogue) are created using CMYK colors. That's a process in which the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK, each take a pass at the paper to create the colors you see. Looks like someone at Sierra's print shop switched the color plates on the press (oops)! This mistake created these weird colors! After changing a few things in Photoshop you'll get this result as it should be:

Roger Wilco and a mysterious dog

We can conclude the following:

- The "bear" is slightly brighter (slimier?) than the catalogue indicates.
- Roger is full brightness, indicating the shaded "dark zones" weren't added to this scene yet, and, most importantly...
- Roger has yellow hair! This caused an uproar (well, sort of) when it first appeared Space Quest 4. Perhaps it was decided at the last minute that the gaming public just wasn't ready for a blond Roger?"

Some months later, I acquired a PCGames Magazine December 1989, which featured the same screenshot, only much larger and more detailed. This time, with the colours printed correctly. It reveals much more detail about our mysterious "bear"... Click here for the complete screenshot (100 KB).

It so happens that these screenshots are from a very early beta version. It's unkown why the Two Guys didn't include the bear in the final version. When playing Space Quest 3, type "Look around" for a description of the page: "Various types of abandoned spacecraft litter the floor of this intergalatic junkyard. All this place needs is a junk yard dog. You shiver at the thought."

That's not all, though! Using a tool called SCI Studio I opened up Space Quest 3. SCI Studio enables you to look around in the game's source code, animations and other graphics. I found some stuff that shouldn't be there. Stuff that isn't used in the actual game. Leftovers from early puzzles, jokes or animations that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

This animation is part of the computer console from that garbage freighter droid found in the intro movie. Although this animation isn't there in the real game, you can see it in the Space Quest 3 promo movie.

Come on and get ZAPPED tonightThis image originates from the Monolith Burger scene. It isn't used in the game, but it IS in Sierra's 1989-1990 promotional VHS tape.

New!A few the death messages in the source code isn't used in the game. "A Slimmer, Trimmer You!", "A quick, but painful, way to shed those extra inches" and lastly an unused message from the Monolith Burger scene "Captain's Log: Funny, I thought this was the last frontier, but it seems like there's a fast food joint around the corner from every star cluster."


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.