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Space Quest 3 Characters > This page offers a description of the most important characters. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Arnoid The Annihilator
Arnoid: Bill collector from hellRoger forgot to pay for that "free" Labion Terror Beast mating call whistle back in Space Quest 2. Nonpayment is a serious offense, and Arnoid is programmed to deal with Roger in person! After all, Roger still owns the good people at Gippazoid Novelty Co. some 400,000 buckazoids. "Sooo...This is Roger Wilco, the man I have been sent across the universe to track down and terminate. I am not impressed."

Fester Blatz
Fester BlatzThe proprietor of World O' Wonders. He looks like the unfortunate offspring of a union between a squid and a Vorlian gas beast. His keen business mind and utter lack of scruples afford him a comfortable living on the stormy planet Phleebhut (the backside of civilization). He loves collecting various stuff, like rare gems (he has quite a collection too). His assortment of other junk is really astonishing. He will do just about anything to squeeze every buckazoid out of you. Be sure to THINK first before buying anything.

The Two Guys from Andromeda
Two Guys from Andromeda
Famous software authors known through out the universe. Captured and forced to write software for ScumSoft. In their latest cheap arcade game called Astro Chicken, they encoded a secret message in the hope to get rescued one day. Roger infiltrated ScumSoft and managed to free the Two Guys.

Ueffo Bleeblenarf
Ueffo Bleeblenarf
Counter clerk and employee of the month for Monolith Burger. Always helping out customers: the smile is guaranteed.

Elmo Pug
Elmo PugWhat a nerd... Uhmm, I mean this is the 14 year old boss of ScumSoft. When Elmo Pug's father mysteriously disappeared a few months ago, this 14 year old child inherited ScumSoft . He reigns the with an iron fist. Programmers are working around the clock to produce low-quality arcade games. Elmo has an army armed with side arms called "jello pistols" to keep his slaves (read: employees) in line. Though, sometimes even the employees are allowed to have some relaxation. And that is watching the Nukem Dukem robots fight in the Arena, with Elmo as a frequent participant. Don't you dare putting your money on the other guy!


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