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Space Quest 3 Official Hint Book > Being stuck on a puzzle for too long is frustrating. On this page you won't find a walk through but the hints from the official hint book. A hint doesn't spoil the game like a walk through does.

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Space Quest 3 Official Hint Book
The Official Space Quest 3 HintbookThis page is about the official Space Quest 3 hint book, released by Sierra in 1989. It is of the usual Sierra hint book size, namely 15 x 11.5 centimeters and contains 36 pages. You could use the so-called "Adventure Window" to reveal the hidden clues. A funny note: the hint book is written by Mark and Sandy Crowe!

General Questions
Trash Freighter
Monolith Burger

Scans: cover closeup (80 KB) - walktrough section (136 KB)


General Questions

All I do is wander around. Is this it?
- The most important thing of playing an adventure game is to "look" at everything.
- Every time you walk into a new area "look". You will always get a general description of the area where you are currently standing and sometimes an important clue. Read the text windows carefully.
- Map your progress on a piece of paper in case you need to go back to a specific area.

What's the point of this game, anyway?
- Didn't you read the documentation that came with this game?
- Universally famous software designers, those Two Guys from Andromeda, have been kidnapped and are being held captive by software pirates.
- It is up to you, Roger Wilco, to rescue them from a fate worse than death: ... churning out mindless arcade games for a disreputable software company known as ScumSoft.

If I die and have to start this game over one more time, I'm going to throw it out the window!
- Make sure you "save" your game a lot! Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and choose "Save" from the "File" menu.
- If you make a mistake and die, "Restore" your game rather than starting over from the beginning.
- Before doing something in the game that looks potentially dangerous, save your game.
- You are not limited to the 12 slots shown. You can create as many subdirectories as you wish, and save games there. You can even save games on multiple disks.

Roger goes too fast! Roger goes too slow!
- Use the "Speed" menu to select a new speed.
- On some computers, you can use the plus (+) or minus (-) keys on your numeric keypad to move faster or slower.

How do I look at the objects in my inventory?
- Choose "Inventory" from the "Action" menu.
- If you want to "look" at a particular object, type "look" and the name of the object you want to see.
- Or, you can highlight the object in the inventory window by using your mouse or the tab key.

Trash Freighter

This junkyard is boring. Will I ever get out of here?
- I don't know!
- You'll have to find a ship that's in pretty good shape to fly out of here.
- Climb through the robot's eye to find a suitable spaceship.

I'm standing near a large robot head and I can't seem to go anywhere except back the way I came.
- "look" around the room.
- You will need to use your climbing abilities.
- Climb up the side of the large robot head where the eye is broken.
- Be careful, though. If you walk too close to the edge you will fall off and die.

When I try to walk south from where the giant robot head is setting, I always fall off of a cliff.
- Don't walk that way.
- Maybe there is a safer way of going down.
- Try climbing through the robot's eye where it is broken.

How do I get inside the large ship in the trash pit?
- You'll need something to assist you in climbing the ship.
- Gosh, if you only had a ladder!
- Find the rat's lair and get the ladder.

I've discovered the Vorillian Orb. What should I do with it?
- Ah ha! Gotcha!
- This is a perfect example of a trick question. This book is chock-full of them.
- Now slap your hand and repeat after me... I will not use this book to cheat ever again!

I see a vertical conveyor with buckets carrying trash somewhere. Should I be doing anything with it?
- It might be a good way to get a lift!
- Stand in the spot where the trash buckets come up. One will pick you up and take you somewhere.

Help! The trash bucket dumped me onto a conveyor belt and I'm heading for the grinder.
- You'd better get up... and fast!
- Stand up.
- You could try walking the opposite direction of the conveyor belt while you think this through.
- Are you tired of walking yet?
- The rails above you could be helpful.
- Jump up and grab the rail.

I'm walking on the rail, but fall off every time I try to make it around the corner on either end. How can I walk all the way around?
- You can't.
- You're a good acrobat but not that good!
- You'll need to catch a ride with whatever uses this rail.

I've found the jet pack. What should I do with it?
- The only jetpack in the Space Quest series is in Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter.
- If you haven't purchased a copy of it yet, we strongly suggest you do so!
- This is a trick question!

While on the rail, I've walked into a room where a robot is closely watching several monitors. How do I get off this rail and on with the game?
- It doesn't look like you can go "up" any higher.
- You need to find a good place to climb down.
- Take a ride on a grabber.
- Climb down where the grabber connects to the rail.

I've located the grabber, but a robot keeps zapping me.
- I guess the robot just doesn't like you snooping around his ship.
- You'll have to be a little faster about getting on the grabber.
- Don't waste so much time in this area.

How do I make the grabber move?
- Did you "look" at the controls?
- Use your arrow keys.

I rode the grabber all the way around the rail, where should I get off?
- You'll have to park it where there's a place to step out.
- Go back to where you found the grabber.
- Stop at the place where the floor sticks out towards the rail and exit the grabber.

I've fallen down a chute and there are several large, fierce rats looking down at me... What now?
- Don't worry about the rats... at least not now anyway.
- Hey, there's a ladder here!
- Whatever is powering those lights might come in handy later.

I've found the time door key, but it needs batteries. Where can I find them?
- Cheater! Cheater!
- Another trick question. There is NO time door key.
- Ha! Ha! Ha!

How do I move about once I'm inside the large spaceship?
- About all you can do here is look at the computer and sit in the pilot seat.
- Type "look computer" and "sit down."
- You need to figure out how to get this bird off the ground.

I'm inside the spaceship. How come I can't sit in the passenger seats?
- Because you are the pilot.
- Those passenger seats will come in handy later.
- The Two Guys from Andromeda will be sitting there if you'll hurry up and rescue them. Get moving!

What do I do once I'm in the pilot's seat?
- Have you "looked" at everything?
- You won't be able to do anything here until you've made some necessary repairs to this ship.
- Look at your computer screen. Pay close attention. It will tell you what need to be repaired.

I'm inside the large ship, but it's as dead as a door nail.
- The ship's computer might have a clue.
- A spaceship needs power to operate.
- You need to find a power supply (reactor) and install it in the compartment on the floor.

I've looked everywhere but I can't find a power supply for the ship.
- Rats! If only you could find a place where electricity was in use.
- Non-UL approved wired will lead the way to a portable power supply.
- Follow the wires in the pack rat's underground lair (where you fell from the chute).
- Go all the way to the left of the picture, then down. If you "look at the wall" you'll find a hole with the reactor in it.

No matter what I try, I can't get into the little round space pod in the trash pit.
- You can't get in it.
- You don't need it. It's just for the looks.

A big rat mugged me in the tunnel of a space tanker. How come?
- Because you stole his reactor.
- He just stole the reactor back from you.
- Go back to where you found the reactor and you'll find all of your belongings. Don't worry, he won't bother you again.

Every time I enter the tunnel, I get zapped by the death beam.
- Yeah - right! Give me a break.
- Quit cheating.
- In case you haven't guessed by now, this is another trick question.

Golly gee whiz! Do I have to go all the way back up the grabber again to get back to the rat's lair?
- No.
- Remember where you came out of the lair and how?
- Go back to where you crawled out of the lair, just in front of the Bow-Tie fighter, and lower the ladder.
- Climb down the ladder.

I've installed the reactor but the cable is too short to hook it up.
- Obviously, you need more cable.
- Some old wire would probably work great.
- Inside of an old space tanker (tunnel) might be a good place to look.
- Hanging from a panel in the wall of the stripped-down space tanker are some frayed wires. Get them.

I've restored power to the ship but I still can't get it to fly.
- There must still be something with the ship.
- Check the diagnostic computer for information on the ship's condition.
- Apparently, the warp motivator is missing.
- The diagnostic computer will show you what a motivator looks like.

I need to find a warp motivator before I can take off, but I can't seem to find it.
- The diagnostic computer shows you what one looks like.
- You're sure to find one laying around on the ground somewhere.
- Look around the other room for a round object resembling a small flying saucer half buried. That's it!

I found a motivator, but it's too heavy to pick it up.
- It would take some heavy machinery to move the motivator to the ship.
- A grabber would sure come in handy right about now.
- Use the grabber found overhead on the rail to pick up and move the motivator.

Thanks to the Orwellian spies, I'm now scattered from down to dusk.
- No, no, no. That's Manhunter you ninny!
- Trick question.

I'm on the grabber but I can't get it to pick up anything.
- Did you look at the controls?
- There's a claw button on the control panel.
- Lower the claw to pick up and lower the motivator.

How do I know where to lower the claw once I've located the motivator?
- Just keep trying. Eventually you will find the correct area.
- The claw will not pick up anything else except the motivator.
- If you make a map of the upper area (where the grabber goes around the rail) and match it to a map of the lower area (on the ground) you should be able to see exactly where you need to lower the claw to pickup the motivator.

Hey! How do I fly this ship anyway?
- Are you sitting in the pilot's seat?
- Look at the controls in front of you.
- Look at the computer. Use your mouse or number keys to select buttons.

When I finally take off in the ship, I always collide with the ceiling of the freighter.
- Did you carefully read the message when you die?
- Turn on your radar before you take off. This will prevent your ship from bumping into the ceiling.

I finally take off but the ship stops in mid-air, and I can't find a way out of the freighter.
- Good thing you had the radar on.
- Your ship is surrounded by metal on all sides.
- You'll have to blast you way out.
- Activate you weapons system...
- And shoot a hole in the side of the freighter.

I always blow up while trying to blast out of the freighter.
- You need to protect your ship from the explosion.
- Activate your shield.
- Turn on your weapon system and select one of the shield buttons.

I'm flying through space with the rocket belt, but I keep getting space bugs in my teeth.
- Sorry, but there is no rocket belt, there are no space bugs and you're cheating again, aren't you?

Right after I go into light speed, a spaceship, piloted by a mean looking Android, materialized. Words appeared across his optic scanner, but the only thing I could make out was the word "terminate". Who is this clown anyway?
- His name is Arnoid and he's a terminator unit.
- He's after you for something you did in Space Quest II.
- You'll more than likely run into him again... Soon!
- Worried?
- You should be!

Monolith Burger

Oh no! Space slugs have attached themselves to my forehead. What now?
- Space slugs?
- I don't think so.
- You need to have your eyes examined!
- Caught you cheating again!

I'm inside Monolith Burger, but I don't have any money to by food.
- You need to find some money.
- You have something of value to sell someone.
- Go to Phleebhut and sell your glowing gem to Fester at World O' Wonders.

Astro Chicken is too hard to play.
- Slow down.
- Put yourself in slow mode until you get the hang of it and are good enough to play at normal speed.
- See your reference card for details on how to slow down.
- Don't make the mistake of holding down the up arrow (flap)key. Push to flap, push again to stop.

Do I really need to play this stupid game?
- No.
- However, it might provide you with some clues that will make playing Space Quest 3 easier.

After playing Astro Chicken for awhile, some symbols resembling words appear on the screen.
- It's a secret coded message.
- You need the decoder ring to decode the secret message.
- Buy a Monolith fun meal. You'll find the ring while you are eating your food.
- "Use the ring" to decode the message while it is on the screen.

Hey! While I was eating my hamburger, I bit into a prize. Should I do anything with it?
- Yes.
- Did you "look" at it?
- Use the ring to decode the secret message found while playing the Astro Chicken arcade game.

I've been playing Astro Chicken, but I haven't seen a message.
- Keep trying, you will!
- The message will come up after 10 successful landings or after you have tried to play the game 10 times.


Help!!! I keep getting eaten by a big snake!
- Back off!
- Immediately go back out the same direction you came in.
- This is just Mark and Scott's way of keeping you from straying from your objective. Don't go that way!

Every time I try to throw the bridle on the snake, it eats me.
- Well, stop doing that!
- There is no bridle in this game.
- Darn! Another trick question.

How do I keep from getting killed by the scorpazoid?
- Don't let him catch you!
- Avoid it.
- Stay close to the edge of your screen. If the scorpazoid appears, leave the room immediately and then return again. Chances are, it won't be there when you come back.

Oh no! The Anterean Slime Devil imploded when I tries to eat it!
- How embarrassing for you.
- I told you there were a lot of trick questions in here.
- This is one of them.

Darn it! I don't have any money to buy souvenirs at World O' Wonders.
- Maybe you have something Fester would like.
- Take a close look at Fester's rock collection.
- Sell him you glowing gem (orium). But, hold out for a fair price.
- If you are really greedy and want to get the most buckazoids for your orium, take Fester's third offer.

Now that I have money, which souvenir(s) should I buy from Fester?
- You could be greedy and buy them all... But that's not necessary!
- Look at all of the different objects in the shop - not just the ones Fester is trying to sell you.
- Did you read some of the postcards on the rack? They're very entertaining and possibly helpful!
- Thermoweave underwear could come in handy on a hot planet!

Every time I open the display case in front of World O' Wonders the Anterean Slime Devil kills me.
- Don't open the display case - stupid!
- I told you the answer, so why are you reading this?
- Fine! If you want to continue getting killed by the Slime Devil that's your business.

Help! The rock beasts have stolen my anti-gravity boots!
- Nice try, pal!
- You've become the victim of another trick question.
- Cheater!

Arnoid the Terminator has caught up with me outside World O' Wonders. How can I avoid this?
- You can't. It's part of the game.
- When he's done talking to you, don't hang around!

How do I get back to my ship before the Terminator kills me?
- You'll have to find a way to terminate the Terminator.
- Find the elevator in Mog's foot.
- Go up the elevator and climb the stairs to the second level.
- Swing the pulley at the Terminator once he gets close enough to the gears.
- Or...
- Lure the Terminator under the pulsating pods hanging from the rock in the desert (this will earn you more points).

I keep getting sucked under the sand by the Grell. What gives?
- You're playing the wrong game!
- That was in Space Quest 1.
- What a sucker!

Every time I get too close to the mountains I get struck by lightning.
- You're getting too close to the lightning storm.
- Don't you get it? Mark and Scott don't want you to go any farther north than this!

How do I get the invisibility belt without getting eaten by the pulsating pods?
- You need something else besides your hands to grab the belt.
- A pole or stick might do the trick.
- Hey! An Orat on a Stick could come in real handy!
- "Use Orat on a Stick" to "grab the belt". You'll have to buy one at World O' Wonders.


How do I keep from melting on the planet Ortega?
- You need something to keep your body cool.
- Some thermoweave underwear would do the trick.
- Buy the thermoweave underwear from Fester on Phleebhut.
- Don't forget to "wear" them.

Sludge Vohaul's apes have taken me away in their hovercraft. Now what?
- That might be so if you where playing Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge.
- This must be really embarrassing for you...
- Falling for another trick question like this!

I stumbled across someone's spaceship. What should I do?
- You can't get the ship from where are.
- It might be best to leave the ship alone.
- It's a Scumsoft pirate ship.
- There might be some Scumsoft lackeys nearby.

Whenever I walk up to the Scumsoft lackeys they zap me with a jello ray.
- They probably don't like you.
- Be patient, maybe they'll go away.
- Wait until they go to their spaceship and fly away before you walk into their research site.

I saw the Scumsoft lackeys fly away in their spaceship. Should I do anything with the equipment they left behind?
- Sure! Check it out!
- Look through the telescope.
- Look in the crate.
- That sure is a nice pole.

While searching the research camp, I've discovered gold! Is there any use for it?
- Maybe if you were playing Gold Rush but not here in the Space Quest Universe.
- Gotcha again! Sorry!

I'm at the top of the volcano. How do I get to the large machine in the middle of the crater?
- You'll have to find a space between the lava rocks to squeeze through.
- Walk towards the machine where the large gap is, on the right side of your screen.
- When you find the stairs, walk down them.

Is there anything I should be doing while I'm inside the crater at the base of the generator?
- Did you decode the message in the Astro Chicken game at Monolith Burger?
- Climb up the ladder.
- You need to blow up the force field created by the generator without killing yourself in the process.

I'm at the top of the generator. What do I do now?
- Have you decoded the secret message at Monolith Burger?
- You will need to use the detonator you took from the crate at the seismic research sight.
- Drop the detonator into the hole. This will blow up the generator and turn off the beam.

On my way back to my ship the shaky lava rock bridge has disappeared and I cannot get across.
- It's narrow enough that you could possibly pole vault over it.
- Let's see, wasn't there a pole around here somewhere?
- Go back south of here to the seismic research site and get the pole with the anemometer on it.
- "Use the pole" to jump to the other side.

Ortega blows up before I can get off of it.
- Don't waste time wandering around.
- After blowing up the generator, immediately go back to your ship and take off.


I know there is a planet Pestulon somewhere, but I can't find it on my navigation system. Where is it?
- The Pirates of Pestulon do not want to be found!
- Have you decoded the secret message in the Astro Chicken game at Monolith yet?
- Pestulon is a small moon revolving Ortega. A force field generated on Ortega prevents it from being detected by your navigation scanner.
- After you blow up the generator and take off, do another navigation scan.

I've encountered a strange alien in a white, polyester leisure suit. Is he dangerous?
- Only if you're playing Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.
- It's a great game and you should rush right down to your dealer and buy one...
- Right after you finish this game.

The Scumsoft guards shoot me every time I try to enter the building. How do I avoid this?
- Somehow you need to get by without letting the guards see you.
- Wouldn't it be neat if you could become invisible?
- Hey, wait a minute! Didn't that Terminator back on Phleebhut have an invisibility belt?
- If you don't have it, go back and find it!

I'm wearing the invisibility belt, but for some reason I'm not invisible. What's the deal?
- Try turning it on, nit wit!
- Turn on your belt before leaving your hiding place overlooking the Scumsoft entrance.
- You don't have very much power so don't dilly dally!

I've managed to make my way inside a circular hallway, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
- Try walking through some doors.
- Some of the doors aren't locked and will open automatically when you properly approach them.
- If this is too tough, try slowing down the speed.

Now that I've opened the door, I can't get the Zanti misfits to crawl into the jar.
- I have that problem all the time.
- Shame on you for reading all the answers.
- And you call yourself an adventurer!
- This is just another one of those questions we made up to trick you.

How can I get into the Accounting Department without getting caught?
- Disguising yourself as a Scumsoft employee would be a great idea, don't you think?
- If you ask me, no one makes a better janitor than you.
- Find the janitor's closet in the hallway.
- Get the coveralls.

How come I still can't walk through the Accounting Department even though I'm wearing a disguise?
- You look like a janitor but you're not acting like one.
- Vaporize the trash with the vaporizer.
- You must vaporize the trash in each waste basket you pass by. Failure to do so will result in someone calling security.

I've wandered around the Accounting Department but I keep hitting a dead end. Where should I go?
- You need to work your way through the maze to the back of the room.
- It would help to draw a map of the partition maze as you go through it.
- See the back of this hint book for a map of the Scumsoft accounting maze.

I see my ship sitting in Scumsoft's vehicle bay. How do I get to it?
- You can't from where you are know. At least you know it's safe!
- You'll be able to get to it later... If you're good enough!

While walking in the hallway, I came up a locked door with a keycard slot and facial scanner. Do I need to get inside?
- Maybe.
- Yes.
- But, you'll have to get a few items first.

I've inserted the jelly sandwich into the keycard slot, but nothing happens.
- Well, what did you expect?
- You're sick.
- I can't believe you're reading this.
- Gotcha again. Isn't this fun?

I can't find the keycard to open the door in the hallway.
- The boss is probably the only one with a keycard to this door.
- The boss' office is in the Accounting Department.
- Go into the boss' office when the boss is away. Get the keycard off the top of his desk.

I've got the keycard, but I can't pass the facial scan test.
- Since this is Elmo's keycard, it's probably scanning for Elmo's face.
- There's got to be a picture of Elmo Pug somewhere.
- Find the picture of Elmo hanging on a partition in the west wing of the Accounting Department.
- Get the picture and make a copy of it on the photocopy machine.
- Make sure you hang the picture back up when you're done!

How do I get the picture of Elmo out of the Accounting Office?
- Why would an employee of Scumsoft want to steal a picture of Elmo?
- You'll have to find another way of securing a picture of Elmo.
- Hey, isn't that a photocopy machine near Elmo's picture?
- Get Elmo's picture. Make a photocopy of it in the machine. Don't forget to put the picture back!

How do I pass the facial scan once I have the photocopy?
- Insert the keycard first.
- Then, hold up the copy before the monitor performs the facial scan. Be quick!

How do I get to the middle platform where the Two Guys are being held captive?
- You need a bridge.
- Push the button near the side wall.
- Just say "push button" from where you are standing now.

How do I free the Two Guys from Andromeda from the jello?
- You need to somehow dissolve the jello.
- Use your vaporizer.
- Type "vaporize jello".

Oh no! The bridge retracted and now I can't get back to the outer platform!
- You're up a creek, sorry!
- It's part of the game.
- Don't worry, be happy! You aren't dead... Yet!

I just can't get the hang of the Nukem Dukem Robot. What have I got to do to punch Elmo Pug's lights out?
- Don't forget, every wasted movement will use up your energy. Make every punch count.
- Don't walk around too much. Let Elmo come to you.
- Block his punches (M key) and let him punch his own lights out!

I've rescued the Two Guys, but while flying away from Pestulon, the pirates blast my ship and we're all doomed!
- You'll have to fight back.
- You need to use your weapons to fight back when you get the "incoming fighters" message.
- Look at your computer screen and select weapons.
- Turn on your shield to protect the back of your ship.

I can't figure out how to shoot down the skull fighters with the weapons system.
- Select attack speed on the main computer screen.
- Using the mouse or arrow keys, try to line up the cross-hairs with the moving ship.
- When you achieve a "lock on", press the space bar to fire.

I'm finding it impossible to "lock on" to a skull fighter while in combat.
- Are you in "attack speed"?
- Try slowing down the speed of the game.
- Instead of just following the ship with the cross hairs, try to anticipate its movement.

I've managed to fight off the pirates, but the ship's light speed is non-functional so I can't fly anywhere. Now what?
- Return to cockpit view.
- Once you are back in cockpit view, one of the Two Guys from Andromeda finds the light speed panel fixes your problem.

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