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Space Quest 3 Fun Facts > This page contains everything you wanted to know about Space Quest 3 and then some!

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Space Quest 3 Fun Facts
There's a bug in Space Quest 3 that makes Roger act like Houdini. In the Garbage Freighter where the Aluminum Mallard is buried in junk, place the ladder next to the Aluminum Mallard and then walk back up the screen to the Robot's neck and type "climb ladder" instead of "climb neck". Roger will disappear from the neck and instantly reappear climbing the ladder onto the roof of the Mallard.

New since the last update! There's another interesting bug in the game. The first time to reach to Monolith Burger, and buy the Monolith Meal (Choosing choice 7 on the menu), sit down when you get your food. Type ''eat'' for Roger to eat. The message will say that you've found a Decoder Ring (Giving you 10 points). After seeing the message, quickly push the 'UP' key to stand up before the message that says that you've finished your food appears. When you do that, you'll still have that original food bag with you. Sit down again to ''EAT'' and wait for the Decoder Ring message to appear again and quickly press up again before the finished food message appears. Once again, this gives you 10 points. However, this doesn't seem to work with game version 1.018 supplied with the Space Quest Collection. If you made this work, let me know.

Roger with Astro HatAlthough there is no use for it, you can wear the Astro Chicken Flight Hat. Wear the hat before you leave Fester's World O' Wonders. Too bad this silly joke doesn't give you any points.

Barfing Roger Buy the Big Belcher Combo at Monolith Burger and return to your ship. See what happens!

Signature of Mark CroweEverybody who owns a copy of Space Quest 3 owns a signature of Mark Crowe. Mark is one of the Two Guys of Andromeda and made the graphics of the game. Have you found it already?

Space Quest 3 was one of the first games ever with soundcard support. A very popular device at that time was the Roland Multi Timbral Sound Module 32, or Roland MT 32 for short. This device was one of the best and most expensive on the market. You can say it was an external soundcard with a display. The hilarious part is, though, that it displays "INSERT BUCKAZOID" by itself on the MT-32 display after you quit the game.

You'll find some buckazoids when searching the pilot's seat of the Aluminum Mallard. This will award you with some points too.

Scott Murphy explains where the idea of Astro Chicken comes from: "Astro Chicken was inspired by a little ditty of a program [originally called Chicken Lander] by this guy named Doug something-or-the-other. What was his name? Damn! Oh yeah, now I remember. Doug Oldyard, Newfeld... ah, Oldfield. Doug Oldfield. (I'm kidding, of course.)"

An early release of Space Quest 3 is somewhat different. One obvious difference is that the Aluminum Mallard's cockpit computer had the option "Lite Speed" instead of "Light Speed" as seen in later versions.

When I was playing Space Quest 3 for the first time, the most challenging thing about it was destroying Arnoid the Annihilator droid. I found out there are a lot of ways of "how to destroy Arnoid" and "how to get his belt".

Arnoid getting smashedThe first is the most common. I guess most of you guys have killed him this way. Go into the cavernous interior of Mog's belly. Walk upstairs and walk to where you see Roger standing in the screen shot. Wait until Arnoid comes and push a pulley at him. He will fall into the engine and BONK, your special Terminator crashed sandwich a la ketchup! Now, getting his belt is the easy part. Just walk down the stair and get the belt. But there is another way to kill Arnoid and you'll get more points with it! It is more difficult though, so be sure to save your game before trying anything stupid.

Arnoid getting eatenWhen you've "talked" to Arnoid for the first time, he will give you his usual 10 seconds to get the hell off the planet. Now, walk to the large rock overhang with the pulsating pods. Wait until Arnoid approaches (notice his footsteps, remember?) and lure him under the pods without getting yourself killed in the process. You might have to practice a little bit, but it is not a tough as it looks. If you do this right, one of the pulsating pods will enjoy your special Terminator crashed sandwich a la ketchup!

Roger getting Arnoid's BeltYou can get his invisibility belt by using your Orat-on-a-stick. You did buy it at the World O' Wonders, didn't you? Getting the belt is simple if you know where to stand. Just look at the picture, if you haven't notice it by now.
Roger getting Arnoid's Belt (ALT)Now, this is the most interesting part. I don't think many of you Space Questers know this. But I found out you can also use the pole from Ortega to get the belt! As you can see from the screen shot, you'll have to stand in the same place when getting the belt with your Orat-on-a-stick. Try this method if you forgot to buy the Orat-on-a-stick.
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