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By entering one or more key phrases in the search field above, you can search this entire website. Your search will be processed using the Google search engine. You'll receive links from Google that are relevant to SpaceQuest.Net only, unless you've toggled the "Search Internet" button. Here are a few handy tips for maximum result:

If you're looking for the manual of space quest 5, enter the following: manual "space quest 5". This will yield the best results. Always use quotation marks for the space quest keywords, especially if you're looking for information for a specific sequel only. Example: use "space quest 2", not just space quest 2 in your search. Same goes for people searches. If you're looking for information about Shawn Sharp, for instance, use "shawn sharp" and not just shawn sharp.

If you're looking for information why space quest 5 wasn't released on cd-rom, enter the following: cd-rom version "space quest 5".

Google ignores common words and characters such as "where and "how". Google searches are not case sensitive. For example, searches for "george washington", "George Washington", and "gEoRgE wAsHiNgToN" will all return the same results.

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