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December 31, 2002

I love end of the year updates! I hope you all have had an enjoyable peaceful Christmas this year. Happy new year to you all! I wish you all God's speed, good luck, wealth, health and all the other nonsense that comes with it. Now, back to Space Quest related stuff. I'm sure you dropped by because of that.

Looking back at this year one can only conclude it's been a most exciting one. We've had many rumours and news about that possible new Space Quest game (rumoured to be created by Escape Factory). And, if you take a look at this site news archive you can see it had over 40 official updates this year (and a LOT more "behind the scenes" updates, let me tell you), which comes down to one update every 8 or 9 days. For a Space Quest fansite, this is indeed saying something. I don't know if I'll meet that quota next year, but I'll surely try (I've got enough idea's for at least half a year).

Firstly: I would like to announce that I'm working on moving my site to a new server which offers more disk space and more bandwidth. This explains at least a part of my update-less-behavior as it has taken up much of my free time (along with editing the new FAQ: you'll read about that later).

Secondly: I'm working on one or two interesting Space Quest updates. Sadly, these things are out of my hands because they are made by other people. I've been promising you guys one or two big updates since October, and let's hope they will come soon enough... As soon as "my people" start delivering that is :)

Thirdly: As Space Quest fan, you must have heard at least something about the SQFAQ (Space Quest Frequently Asked Questions). It's a massive document made by Troels Pleimert (the latest version, being version 2, was released years ago) and is considered to be the Space Quest Bible (although its gotten a little bit outdated on some points). It contains nearly everything you can think of: hints, funfacts, eastereggs and much more. Sadly, Troels stopped working on it when Space Quest 7 was cancelled back in February 1999.

Some days ago I've received a mail from Troels asking me to continue his work and revive the FAQ. I've agreed to take over the FAQ and I've already started working on creating the next version of it, which will be version 3. Needless to say, I feel honored Troels asked me to continue "the Space Quest Bible". The task that lays ahead is a HUGE one, and it brings quite some responsibility with it. I'll do my best to make the next version of the FAQ (and future versions to come) a success.

I've set up a message board as communication line with the fans. Feel free to post your own additions for the new FAQ. These additions can be discussed: whether they make a good addition to the new FAQ or not. The board can also be used to discuss the old FAQ. Every input from fans is welcome. Also, I'll make polls about idea's I'm having on that message board. You can vote either for or against it, and discuss why you (don't) like it. I'll use the information of the final outcome of these polls whether or not to put that idea into the new FAQ. I hope to receive loads of input from you all. The more the better. Click here to go to the message board.

If you haven't got a clue what the SQFAQ is, I suggest you to download it and start reading until your mom notices you haven't been downstairs for two whole days.

Site updates:
- The entire Space Quest 1 section has been edited
This sounds like I've done a HUGE update, but I didn't :). What I DID, however, was updating the sq1 goodies page, which now features a ton of cool new stuff. Check it out, it's worth it. The rest was really nothing more or less but all kind of small things, like removing typo's and changing some graphics. I wanted to add more screenshots, but when I looked at the page I thought there were enough already. If you disagree, feel free to send in your favorite SQ1 (either EGA or VGA) screenshots and I might or might not add them.

- A wicked new Space Quest 4 funfact has been added
Neil Matz was a programmer for Space Quest 4. He popped out of nowhere and began to post these shocking messages on the TalkSpot. Check out the Space Quest 4 funfacts for his secret vacation slide show!


December 8, 2002

Thanks for all of those who helped me out with the different versions of the first few Space Quest games. Much appreciated.

Site updates:
- The Space Quest 6 funfacts
I've completed the first pile of work of the Space Quest 6 funfacts. I believe it still needs a lot of work, so you might or might not see future updates about that page.

- The Space Quest 7 section
The entire space Quest 7 section has been revamped. The page about the cancelled Space Quest 7 had been entirely rewritten. Some major improvements have been made and I hope it's worth a visit. Also, I've updated the news and rumors page about the possible new Space Quest game by Escape Factory. The long-lost Game Spot article from February this year had been added along with some major and not-so-major changes. Go check it out!


November 27, 2002

Site update:
- Promotional badge of Space Quest 3
The Space Quest 3 goodies page has been updated. The update features a cool looking promotional badge of Space Quest 3 which I found on an online auction.

November 16, 2002

Space Quest Universe news: (submit news)
Catch up with all the news and rumors about the rumored new Space Quest game: click here!

Anonymous fan reveals Space Quest art
-- possible concept art from the new Space Quest game? --

Yesterday, an anonymous Space Quest fan posted a message on the Subspace Channel saying he found an art folder on the Escape Factory website. Possibly, this folder contains the first publicly available Space Quest art pictures. The images are not linked or connected to a "Space Quest page" in any way, though.


November 15, 2002

Space Quest Universe news: (submit news)
Catch up with all the news and rumors about the rumored new Space Quest game: click here!

Rick and Ed from Escape Factory responsible for Keebo?
-- Mysteries of the clay model revealed --

We had some great news about the rumored new Space Quest game yesterday (don't forget to read about it), and only hours later a Space Quest fan who calls himself "Holodude" dug up some nice additions. Boy, this means night work again for me! On July 27th this year, SpaceQuest.Net published news about a mysterious clay model which is supposed to be a possible character for the new Space Quest game. Holodude, a guy over at the Subspace Channel, dug up these two pictures from the Escape Factory website.

Left is our good old Keebo, but this time "uncensored". The picture on the right are two guys presumably called Rick (not sure if he's an Escape Factory employee) and Ed Allard (co-founder and lead designer of Escape Factory). Click on the images for a close up and notice the Keebo character drawing just behind Ed. (or Rick, I'm not sure). If this is the first time you heard about such a clay model, then check the Space Quest 7 news and rumors page.


November 14, 2002

PayPal, the guys who give you the opportunity to support my site, will soon have an option that makes it possible to donate money in the following currencies: Canadian Dollars (C$), Euros (€), Pounds Sterling (£), Japanese Yen (¥) and of course the good ol' American Dollar ($). I hope this can be an extra impulse for you to support my site.

Further more, I've had quite some replies to my call about the InterAction Magazines. But I'm still looking for more people who are willing to provide me with Space Quest related articles published in Sierra's InterAction Magazines. If you have a one or more of those old InterAction Magazines at home, have a good scanner, and want to scan them for me, than please mail me.


Site update:
- New InterAction Magazine section opened!
I've completely rewritten the InterAction page located in the Miscellaneous section. It features a new InterAction Magazine edition, as well as improvements for the other issues. All of them have been moved from their shattered locations on the site to this one complete section. I hope to expand that InterAction section to a complete library.

Because I gave the InterAction Magazines their own place on the site, I've shut down the goodies page for Space Quest 4 and 5 which contained InterAction stuff only, and updated several pages that included InterAction stuff as well. But don't cry just yet about those closed down goodies pages, as all of them will be updated in the near future with lots of cool new stuff.

Space Quest Universe news:
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Click here for the Space Quest 7 news and rumor page!

Name of that Seattle-based software house revealed?
-- More rumors about the secret Space Quest 7 project --

The Adventure Gamers website reports:
"Adventure Gamers has learned that the upcoming new Space Quest game -- at this point still unannounced and entirely hypothetical (ssssh) -- will not be a graphic adventure, but most likely an action game of sorts. Also, it may or may not (...) be in development at Escape Factory."

Source: Adventure Gamers

I surfed over to those Escape Factory guys, and besides a dirty old bucket and broom this is what I found:

07/10/2002 - EF celebrates 2nd birthday
"The team celebrates Escape Factory's second birthday with a small party at a local brewery. In two years we've gone from 2 to 20 employees and from a crazy dream to a still-crazy-dream, but one backed up by slightly more reality. Sadly, we still can't talk yet about what we're working on. But we like it."

Source: Escape Factory


November 9, 2002

Site update:

Wow, time flies! It's already November! Here's the new update containing new and/or updated sections: the SQ6 Character page, the SQ6 Ship page, the SQ6 Planet page AND the Space Quest 6 Fanfiction page!

October 23, 2002

Not a site update today, but a two desperate calls from your webmaster. Site updates are planned next week, or maybe even in the coming weekend!

* I'm looking for anybody who is willing to provide me with Space Quest related articles published in Sierra's InterAction Magazines. If you have a one or more of those old InterAction Magazines at home, have a good scanner, and want to scan them for me, than please mail me.

* Also, I have some great new plans for a new site design. Unfortunately, I'm not able to realize the design myself, as my knowledge of website building doesn't extend to the level I'm trying to persuade. I'm looking for an extremely well motivated die-hard Space Quest fan who knows all about professional web designing, web graphics and database related stuff. Do you have all the talent needed to make a great looking site AND have enough free time to realize this project within a timescale of 3 to 6 months, than please mail me! I'm looking forward for your reply. HELP ME OUT!


October 12, 2002

Site update:
A whole bunch of updates today, folks!

- Added a cool funfact to the SQ1 funfacts page about the coupons supplied with Space Quest 1 EGA.
- Added two funfacts to the sq2 funfacts page.
- Added the Ms. Astro Chicken mini-game to the download page.
- Added a cool map of the Information Superhighway to the Space Quest 6 map section.
- And last but not least: the Space Quest 6 inventory page is now finished!

Space Quest Universe news: (submit news)
New Space Quest coming up? Click here for the Space Quest 7 news and rumor page!

The SQ1 and SQ2 funfacts are thanks to Patrik Bergstrom (yep: the same weirdo who supplied the SQ2 soundtrack for this site). Feel free to submit your funfact if it isn't already listed on this website.

Even more changes to Sierra's Space Quest webpage
-- The Space Quest Collection is expected to be available soon --

It seems that, just recently, Sierra updated its Space Quest page again. The page now features demo's for some of the Space Quest games and an "ORDER NOW" link to a page on the Amazon store that offers the Space Quest Collection (Amazon takes care of Sierra's online sales). The collection is still out of stock, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it becoming available in the next couple of weeks. I'm extremely pleased to see the price has been set for well under $20 US. SpaceQuest.Net will keep you updated if there are new changes to report.

On a side note: Although we haven't heard either good or bad news about a possible Space Quest 7 lately, I think this is great news indeed. Sierra is putting time (and thus money) into the Space Quest series again! With the Space Quest Collection being put back on the virtual shelves soon, there is reason to believe Sierra is working on something exciting. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced something big soon.

Source: The all-new Subspace Channel

October 4, 2002

I'm working on the Space Quest 6 section again. I'm investing as much free time as I can, but work is progressing slowly. I'll keep you guys updated.

Site update:
The new and improved Space Quest 6 screen shot page is here! Over 35 images taken right from the game! I was planning to release this one much later, so count yourself lucky.

Space Quest Universe news:
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New Space Quest coming up? Click here for the Space Quest 7 news and rumor page!

Space Quest Spoof Contest Started
-- The Siege is on! --

Fellow Space Quester Kainenable has announced the first annual Space Quest Spoof contest. As Kainenable says: "Send in your best Space Quest spoof on and win fabulous prizes (ok I lied about the fabulous prizes thing but I will get your name immortalized on a handsome trophy). Earn the title Grand Master of the Universe as well!" To learn more about the contest, please visit his website here.


September 21, 2002

I just broke a record, guys! I've not updated my site for over a whole month! Not that I'm proud about it ... On a side note: I've not received a site donation since ages! What's the matter with you guys? Are you waiting for the next stockmarket boom? Keep supporting my site, please!

I guess you guys want to hear some lame excuss about my update-less-behaviour? You got it: School, work, sport, my mental health (still deteriorating rapidly) and my brand new Pentium 2,6 GHZ crusher (aka Macintosh G4 with two 867MHZ processors) are the blaim. I can't even call this update a "real one". And yes, I AM working on something very exciting. Stay tuned! ... Greatness takes time, you know. The Great Wall wasn't built in one day either.

Site update:
I've updated the Space Quest 3 soundtrack page, which now features a cool Amiga song. A must have for you die hards out there.

Space Quest Universe news:
(submit news)
New Space Quest coming up? Click here for the Space Quest 7 news and rumor page!

It's been quiet around the entire Space Quest Community these last two months, not only at this website. No official Space Quest 7 news at this point. Sierra continues to NOT release information about their so-called "secret projects". Best we Space Questers can do is to hold on... And that sucks.

Sierra adds movie button to their Space Quest page.
-- Fans continue to speculate --

Not to long ago, Sierra has "expanded" their Space Quest website with the neat promo movie from Space Quest 3. I know, it's not much, but it proves Sierra is still doing something with the series. Don't even bother downloading the movie from their site, though. A much better version is available here.

-- What if Space Quest waS... aww, sqUip ID --

Space Quest fans must have at least heard something about the great comics series drawn by the talented Akril from WSSQUID. The picture here on the right is a picture taken from one of her many comics (#90). If you look hard enough, you'll notice a weird-looking-guy with glasses and a cat on the background. He is (you guessed it) your lovely webmaster! Man, do I look good 265 colors, or what!? Of course, the whole point of this announcement was to actually make you guys curious about her work. If you are, then click here to go to her site!


August 14, 2002

Site update:
Well, this is actually the first site update since half a month, and I'm glad to say it's Space Quest 6 stuff only! So, what's new?

- The character database page , screenshots page and inventory items page all contain information from the start of the game, until Roger gets saved by Stellar. Of course, these pages will be more complete in the future.
- A complete pointlist page for Space Quest 6 AND a Space Quest 6 map page! Very cool indeed!
- A goodies page, that basically contains the content of the "neat picture" page you guys might have seen before. Some cool stuff will be added to this page in the future too.

- And now for the final bang, the Space Quest 6 Manual page has been updated! It now contains the rare quickstart manual. A very cool looking SQ item, indeed!


August 3, 2002

Before I forget: All of you high-end users, who use screen resolutions of 1200*1024 or more, might have noticed my site doesn't look "all that" on your systems. Well, I've fixed every page, so you guys should see some difference now! The site will look just as good in 800*600 as it does in 1600*1200... I hope. If you encounter something that isn't right, please let me know and I'll try to fix it at once.

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New Sierra chat world announced!
-- It will be something like we've never seen before --

Martin Kool, dreamer by trade, woke up in the middle of the night in early January 2002 with a truly cosmic concept. He had an idea that enabled Space Questers to chat with each other inside the original rooms of the first two Space Quest games. A visitor would control a Sierra hero and would be able to talk with other fans already present in a room AND be able to walk his character all across the screen, around objects and into other screens, just like in the real games...

Lucky for us, this idea didn't stop there. Only a few hours after this wicked idea popped up inside his twisted mind like a nasty pop up ad that can not be closed in anyway, Martin had already made a working prototype of his project, not very originally codenamed "Space Quest Online". But to hell with the name!

Today, your lovely looking webmaster had the unique chance to experience an early working beta version of what will be the world's default chatroom for all Sierra fans, not just the Space Questers. The project will probably be finished somewhere in the end of this year. By then, it will not only feature Space Quest screens and characters, but other Sierra AGI games as well, like the Black Cauldron, Leisure Suit Larry and King's Quest. You'll also have an option to create your own characters. So, if your all-time-favorite Sarien guard isn't available to pick, you'll be able to make it yourself.

When it's finished, the whole Sierra community will be able to chat with each other in one big world, with an enormous amount of screens to choose from. Be Roger, and go looking for other Space Quest fans in that Ulence Flats Bar... Or, walk from the Space Quest world into the Leisure Suit Larry world! Change your character into Larry and try to score some babes inside Lefty's Bar! Martin has plans to have at least 20 to 30 working screens PER AGI GAME for the first public release. A nice note for hungry Space Questers: you'll be able to walk through the ENTIRE Sarien Encounter computer game, meeting other Space Quest and Sierra fans as you travel.

The chatroom will be accessed through a special website. The project has already been tested on the popular Internet Explorer browsers and will work with version 5 and up. It will also Mozilla 1 and allthough it has not been tested yet, I guess it will also work with the Netscape and Opera browsers as well. Click on the image you see here somewhere on the left for a close up.

It truly opened my eyes. The option to make your own screens means I (for instance) can make a special SpaceQuest.Net screen for my site, in which you can walk with your Space Quest Character from my site, right into the Space Quest world from Martin... Or if you wish, the Leisure Suit Larry world. Of course, if you think of this concept a little bit, the possibilities are endless.

There's still a lot work to be done, as Martin explains: "I'm sure you understand that I will not release any buggy alpha version with half-baked locations and no gameplay, so the rest of the fans will just have to wait until the job is done." And I guess humans with the IQ of at least 30 and up will understand that. He has asked for people who would like/love to aid him in his work.

This project will definitely change the way how Sierra fans communicate with each other. SpaceQuest.Net will keep you updated of any new developments.


July 30, 2002

All those news items have prevented me to do much site updating. In case you are wondering about my cursed Space Quest 6 section: it's coming alright, only God knows when :). I did have a chance to introduce something new to SpaceQuest.Net: the mailinglist. Join it if you want to receive an e-mail when SpacQuest.Net gets updated. For more information, click here.

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SpaceQuest.Net tries to get answers from Sierra regarding Space Quest 7!
-- Weird webmaster e-mails the boss of Sierra himself, Mike Ryder --

Some days ago, I've e-mailed Sierra's big boss and chief in staff, Mike Ryder, to ask him if he could tell me anything about Space Quest 7. Mr. Ryder did not have the chance to reply to my mail himself. Instead, I got a reply from Sierra's "Senior Public Relations Manager"... At least, I think she had that title. This is what she had to say:

"Mike Ryder forwarded me your note regarding Space Quest, as I head up PR for several titles.

Although, Sierra has not announced anything at this time regarding a new Space Quest title, I can tell you to be on the look out for news. We could have something exciting to share in the coming year. :-)"

To some of you this e-mail might sound a little bit familiar, as the webmaster of the Virtual Broomcloset, Jess Morrissette, got a similar reply some weeks ago when he asked about Space Quest 7. Ooh well, it sure was worth the try.

July 27, 2002

Wow, we have that SQ7 fanteam trailer from yesterday, and today we've got some new stuff about the Official Space Quest 7! Why don't you people leave me alone? I told you to beat it! God, my brain hurts. All this great news really works on my poor metabolism.

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Secret clay model from the official Space Quest 7 team reveiled!
-- Sierra uses Sculpey clay: ICF (International Clay Federation) shocked --

Before you guys get all excited, I want to add Sierra hasn't officially announced Space Quest 7. Adventure Gamers has just released yet another article about the rumored Space Quest 7! The following part is copied from it:

"Our informant couldn’t say anything about the genre orientation of the game, but did say that it is being created at a new Seattle-based independent developer. Our secret operatives (cough-Google-cough) even uncovered this highly classified clay model (see picture) for a possible character in the game. Naturally, we blocked his eyes to ensure his anonymity. At least, I think those are his eyes. (By the way, his name is Keebo... oops!)"

Source: Adventure Gamers and the Virtual Broomcloset

I must say there's a fishy smell hanging around this "so called" clay figure. No no, not literally... You see, "Sculpey" offers "do it yourself" clay packages. The box of clay here to the left is the same as you can see in the so-called "model" photo. What I don't understand is, why would Sierra wants to use "Sculpey clay" for their models? Why would Sierra wants to make a claymodel for a computer game, anyway? Blimey, why would Sierra wants to make a clayfigure for a character when the project is still in its infancy? And what's with the eyes? Why would Adventure Gamers want to "censor" them? Maybe because they are "ears" and not "eyes". I personally think this so-called "classified clay model" COULD BE a very bad joke from Adventure Gamers. And giving people false hope sure seems like a bad joke to me. What do you think? Is it a cheap fraud, or is it hot Space Quest 7 stuff?

Jess Morrissette, webmaster of The Virtual Broomcloset, explains:

"The more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder about the model myself. It wasn't so much the model itself or the timing of its appearance, but rather the manner in which it was presented in the Adventure Gamers article. It was a little difficult to determine what was serious in that article and what was a joke.

Anyway, I e-mailed Marek --the big cheese at Adventure Gamers-- earlier today, and he assured me that the model is legit. So, at this point, I think it's safe to assume that either it's the real deal, or both we and Adventure Gamers have been scammed."

Source: The Subspace Channel

Christina, a member of both Adventure Gamers and The TSN forums, gives us some more information about the clay:

"The reason for using Sculpey is this. The game isn't being created by Sierra (as was stated in the article). It is being done by a Seattle based company and it will then be distributed by Sierra. This new developer is very new and young. I'm no expert on models/3d games but I'm pretty sure the reason for making a model is to scan it into 3D data. All the SQ stuff in the article is confirmed by the developer making it. Unfortunately though we haven't been given permission yet to say who it is."

Source: The TSN forum

July 26, 2002

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The Space Quest 7 fanproject releases trailer!
-- Faint-hearted Grandmother dies from shock --

A movie trailer, of almost two minutes, has been released by the "Space Quest 7" fanproject team today. It's available for download at their website: If this isn't thrilling your shorts, I don't know what will.

Source: The Space Quest Chatroom

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July 24, 2002

Space Quest Universe news: (submit news)
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Aliens Stole My Plunger back in business! It's confirmed.

A quick Glance in the discussion board of the "Aliens Stole My Plunger" project confirms the rumors about a possible restart of the project. FunkieDaMouse, the lead programmer of the project, explains:

"The project is officially back in production! We have changed to a new engine, Crystal Space. We will be using the isometric engine (no perspective) for that "cartoony" feel. CS supplies many useful plugins for music and graphics formats, as well as a windowing system that should make the interface extremely easy to make, and it's completely skinnable! CS also allows the game to be cross-platform, which means we can also build it for Linux, BeOS, NeXT, Sun, and even mac. :-P It also supports OpenGL and DirectX as well as normal Software rendering.

The requirements for the game have changed a bit as a result of this. The music can be in almost any format except Midi. (ogg vorbis, mp3, mod/it/s3m/xt, wav, etc...) The levels will need to be created in 3D instead of as graphics (contact me for information on the level format), and graphics for the characters and objects can be in a variety of formats. (bmp,gif,jng,jpg,png,sgi,tga,wal) Video and animations can be in AVI or DivX format.

We should have a very nice-looking and playable game by the time we're done here...

So, until next time... Get that floor buffed!


The official website of the "Aliens Stole My Plunger" project can be found at:
Source: The Aliens Stole My Plunger discussion board

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July 23, 2002

I want to thank Danny Bloks and Brendan van den Bos for their generous donations! I just got back from France and took some time to reply to all your e-mails. I've been promising you guys sq6 stuff for some time now but each time when I'm starting to work on it, something will come up... Just like today... Looks like there's a curse on that sq6 section... Don't worry, I'll get there. In the meantime, enjoy the new update.

Site updates:
- Space Quest 2 is probably the most unpopular Space Quest around. But why? Because of the graphics? Because of the earth-like scenes? Because of the music? Well, Got some cool stuff for you all! Check out the new Space Quest 2 "Complete" Soundtrack page. It's not that complete, but will be in the future. :)

Also updated:
- The link page has been updated. Three new sites have been added.
- The Box Art page is updated once again. I've Added some more information about the boxes as well as a better scan for the Space quest 1 EGA version 3 box. Yeah, whatever.
- The Space Quest 7 poll has been closed. A new poll will be added in the future.

Space Quest Universe news: (submit news)
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Weird Space Quester pops out of nowhere and announces TWO new fan projects:
- - Wallstreet panics! - -

Danny Bloks (a Dutch Space Quester) has announced not one, but two (!!!) new fanprojects. The first one is called "Space Quest - The Prequels" which will actually be made up of two complete games (if all goes well). Project Leader Danny Bloks told me the story of his first Prequel, "Space Quest -2: The Xenonian Corruption", (which will feature 2-D graphics) has already been written. He has drafted a nice team of talented individuals who will be helping realizing his game. Danny will be writing some songs for it and will be coordinating the whole process of his team (read: he'll be slapping his programmers and artists if they can't meet the impossible deadlines). More information about "Space Quest -2: The Xenonian Corruption" and the "Prequels" in general can be found at their website:

Further more, Danny announced "The Rebellion Saga". Not much information has been released at this time but it looks like this could be a series too. The game will feature 3-D rendered graphics. Menbailee, the mastermind behind his "Goliath Series", will be working on "The Rebellion Saga" as a graphical artist and co-writer. Danny also told me a trailer will be released in the near future. Looks like these guys have got their hands full these days! More information about "The Rebellion Saga" can be found on their website at

Source: Danny Bloks

Aliens Stole My Plunger back in business?

DrunkenSanta told us over at the SubChan that his abandoned fangame (which was on hold for several months) might see a restart: "Funkie Da Mouse and me are thinking about bringing back the game but with a different engine. Funkie just needs to see how the engine will work for the game and he'll be taking over as head-programmer. To keep up on all the new happenings and for the members of the team to re-group head on over to"

Source: The Subspace Channel


What's new on the 2nd of July 2002?
Hey fellow fans! My holiday is about to start, so I won't be able to update my site for a few weeks. For the people who are wondering, I've already started working on the Space Quest 6 section. Expect to see the first new additions after I get back from the sunny beaches of France! In the meanwhile, I'll try to answer your mails, just like always. But it's possible I'm unable to. See you in a few weeks. May the farce be with yo
I did actually work on my site a little bit. I've added some links to the link section, and corrected some of my famous grammar mistakes.

What's new on the 12th of June 2002?
I want to dedicate today's update to Robert Utzig for his generous donation. His donation enabled me to upgrade my site's server once again. Which means more space and bandwidth! Thanks Robert! You can help supporting SpaceQuest.Net too! Because of the upgrade my site had to move to a new computer and it experienced some downtime. Sorry for all the people who got stranded.

- So! What's new? Well, I've updated the Roger Wilco Comics 2 and 3. Higher resolution pictures. Go download them straight away, or re-download them if you already have them. These are UNIQUE Space Quest items, everybody, and are only available on SpaceQuest.Net!
- Better pictures for the Space Quest Collection (first edition), the Other World Series and the third release of the Space Quest 1 EGA box. Go check them out in the Space Quest Box Art section.
- Maybe far more interesting than all these updates put together, is the first of the many yet-to-come updates for the Space Quest 6 section! The complete Space Quest 6 soundtrack, containing over 64MB's of songs are there! Enjoy.
- Also added the sweet and fluffy Space Quest 2 intro Mp3 to the Download Section.

What's new on the 11th of May 2002?
- Before I start, I want to dedicate this update to Katharine Bennewitz and Joshua Cunningham for their great donations. Thanks guys! You too can help support SpaceQuest.Net. The more donations I get, the more server space and bandwidth I can afford, which basically means even more cool downloads and Space Quest stuff for you!
- Another FAT update! A bunch of scans from several InterAction Magazines. The scans are shattered all over my site (mainly in the goodies page, though). To help you find all the cool scans, I suggest you to check out this page. It's just too much to mention on the main page here.
- Justas and Les Anderson have submitted the first few words for the Space Quest 3 puzzle!
- As you might have noticed, I've changed the subtext of my banner. What do you think?
- Discuss SpaceQuest.Net! Do you like it? Do you have suggestions or comments? Than click here and start posting.

What's new on the 3rd of May 2002?
- HUGE update with lots of new stuff, folks. First of all, I've updated EVERY page (I've rewritten many pages, like the databases). I personally think the site has greatly improved. Let me tell you what's been updated per site section:

Space Quest 1 section

Inventory Items page: pictures of all the inventory items along with a description.
Screen shot page: untouched screenshots of Space Quest 1 EGA and VGA.
Goodies page: scans of the valuable coupons and one of the first Space Quest disks ever. (more to come)
Added some cool new funfacts for the funfact page!
Updated the Space Quest 1 VGA manual, beautiful high resolution scans.

Space Quest 2 section
Inventory Items page: pictures of all the inventory items along with a description.
Screen shot page: untouched screenshots of Space Quest 2.
Added a cool new funfact for the funfact page!
Just like all the other databases, the SQ2 database has been completely revamped. You might want to look at this one again, especially this one.

Space Quest 3 section
Inventory Items page: pictures of all the inventory items along with a description.
Screen shot page: untouched screenshots of Space Quest 3.
Goodies page: A new section with lots of cool stuff (more to come). A very cool (not to mention old) advertisement of the game, instructions how to make your own Andromedan Snout and a cool puzzle! Help solving it, everybody!
Added a cool interview with Bob Siebenberg, the composer of the Space Quest 3 music, at the sq3 soundtrack page!

Space Quest 4 section
Inventory Items page: pictures of all the inventory items along with a description.
Screen shot page: untouched screenshots of Space Quest 4.

Space Quest 5 section
Inventory Items page: pictures of the inventory items along with a description of the items.
Screen shot page: untouched screenshots of Space Quest 5.
Added a new page called "design sketches"... You know the drill.
The funfact page is also updated with lots of cool stuff (ie pictures from the sq5 crew).

Download section
Added the Take a Break Pinball game from Dynamix! This low budget game contains a Pinball level about Space Quest 4. Check it out!

Roger Wilco's Talkspot
Did I mention the great flash banner at the message board?

Colin's great site about all the Space Quest fan games is now hosted at SpaceQuest.Net! Welcome SQfanG!

Well, that's it. I need to lay down for second, my brain is bleeding.

What's new on the 22nd of April 2002?
- Updated the Space Quest 1 EGA manual and the Space Quest 3 manual . This time WITH page 16, which I've forgotten to scan. Far better quality scans, guys. Worth (re-)downloading. The Space Quest 1 VGA manual will soon be updated as well.
- Finally added the Space Quest Other World Series box to the Box Art section.

What's new on the 21rst of April 2002
- Another boring Sunday! I've updated the whole menu, saving YOU an enormous amount of loading time. I hope everything works like it should. If not, be sure to mail me about it.
- Lighten up your day with Florian Heise's new installment of Space Quest Rambling.

What's new on the 18th of April 2002?
- Yes yes! The Space Quest 5 soundtrack is here! I can't believe it myself, but because all these recent updates, I'm close to running out of web space again. Better start donating so that I can upgrade again! :)... That is, if you want to hear the SQ1VGA and SQ6 music!

What's new on the 16th of April 2002?
- I've got some more news about the upcoming Space Quest game from Sierra! I guess it's somewhat disappointing for the die-hard adventure gamers. But we saw that one coming, right? Well, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, Click here go to the special Space Quest news page.

What's new on the 15th of April 2002?
- Another very special update! I've updated the Space Quest 3 soundtrack page, and moved it to the Space Quest 3 section. The downloads are now much smaller, but of the same quality.

- But that's not all! I've added the complete Space Quest 4 soundtrack at the Space Quest 4 section! That's right, 50MB's high quality MP3's, a complete collection of all the game's music. Don't miss this one, guys. Go check it out. I have my pal Steven Shamlian to thank! Read the full crap here. Discuss the soundtrack here.

What's new on the 14th of April 2002?
- It's Sunday again, which means it's time for yet another installment of Space Quest Rambling.

What's new on the 13rd of April 2002?
- Got some cool updates for you all. I've added maps to the Game Help section of Space Quest 4. That's right, never jump into a timerip without bringing along these beauties. My goal is to provide each Space Quest section with its own set of maps, taken from the best source available.
- Probably more interesting is the Design Sketches from the Space Quest 4 project! No need to say more, you should check this one out.
- As promised, added two more boxes to the Box Art chapter: the very first Space Quest 6 box, and the internet version of the Space Quest Collection Series. I'll add scans of the Outerworld Series as soon as I get the game. I'm also waiting for my two copies of Space Quest 1 VGA and Space Quest 4 (both KIXX release) to arrive. I'll scan them too, of course.
- Added a high resolution image of the cover of both "the Space Quest Companion (first edition)" and the "Second Edition of The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures" at the Book Review section.
I hope these current wave of updates will keep you occupied for at least some time. When you're done looking, please visit my message board. It has been fixed by my fellow forum administrator (aka Astro Cleaner), Chris Cromer! Go get a life, and start posting!

What's new on the 12nd of April 2002?
- Moved the Space Quest 3 soundtrack to my own server.

What's new on the 10th of April 2002?
- One of the largest updates in the living history of SpaceQuest.Net (once known as Frans' Space Quest Page (or was that Site?), Orat's Cave, and even as The Frans en Bart Homepage (God, can someone remember that one?) today, folks!
- A whole new (7 Megabyte large) chapter is here! The Space Quest Box Art section features high resolution scans about almost every Space Quest box there is. Go check it out, it's in the misc section, or just click here! This page has actually been postponed by me for two weeks because it still isn't complete! But I didn't want to hold it up any longer. I'll include the missing scans VERY soon. Did you know I almost mangled up my precious Space Quest Collection box in the process of making this new section for you guys?
- But that's not all, ooh no. 2 more book reviews. The Official Player's Guide for Space Quest 6, and Hackers - Heroes of the Computer Revolution. Also, I've included high resolution scans of ALL the covers. Check out the updated book reviews section!
- And last but not least, I've ran out of webspace! Future updates will require even more webspace, so I have decided to upgrade my Eperfect package. I now have 350 MB's, which will enable me to provide you with even more high quality wacky Space Quest stuff! I can't really afford the monthly bills, but hey, I love you guys, so I guess it's worth it. Please click here to read how you can help me.

What's new on the 7th of April 2002?
- I've installed a message board! It's fully operational, so feel free to register and post! (you can also post without registering) You can make polls too, which I think is very cool. I'm still working on a color scheme to fit the design of my site. So don't worry if you don't like the colors, I'm working on that. I also have plans for some cool Space Quest avatars... Go check it out!
- No Space Quest Ramblings this week, guys. I'm sorry about this, but it seems our SQR editor, Florian Heise, is extremely busy with work and stuff... Oooh well, stay tuned!

What's new on the 5th of April 2002?
- More news concerning the new Space Quest game! Once again CONFIRMED NEWS, not just rumors! Read about it at the Space Quest 7 news page!

What's new on the 4th of April 2002?
- Updated the Space Quest 7 section. I've made a new page containing all the news items concerning the possible new Space Quest 7 game by Sierra. I've moved the Sq7 fanproject page from the Misc section to the Sq7 section. You'll find a cool new picture from the fangame there too, go check it out!
- I've corrected many grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm sure this site is still loaded with grammar and spelling mistakes, so if you find any, please let me know.
- It took me almost 16 hours to complete and it's finally finished. I've updated all the meta tags in this site, which should help me to improve searchengines listings. Also, I've updated several pages so that they'll look good in low resolutions.

What's new on the 31rst of March 2002?
- Added the Space Quest designer page under the Misc section.
- It is Sunday again, which means it's time for yet another installment (number 3) of Space Quest Ramblings.

What's new on the 24th of March 2002?
- It is Sunday again, which means it's time for yet another installment (number 3) of Space Quest Ramblings.

What's new on the 17th of March 2002?
A turning point in the very old but still living history of the Space Quest Fan World is in the making. Florian Heise, known throughout the Andromeda Galaxy as webmaster of the long dead StarCon 3000 The Next Mutation website is going to write weekly articles about the Space Quest Fan History. Having noticed that the Space Quest Fans of today are feeling very nostalgic about the online community before Chainsaw Monday, Florian decided to take up his quill and write all about it. Can you remember that little site called Wilco Burger? Can you still remember the famous names "Sterling Jones" or the mysterious "Sleeray"? Florian will tell you about his experience of the online Space Quest community, the changes it has gone through, the people he has met and lost, the projects that have started and the projects that have died, the fun and fights we've had, and all that kind of useless crap, nobody even wants to take a look at, let alone read! His articles will be posted exclusively at the new SpaceQuest.Net Miscellaneous section on every Sunday, called Space Quest Ramblings!

What's new on the 12nd of March 2002?
- Thanks to all the people who reported errors, missing links and corrupted files. Keep 'm coming! The most important error was just reported by Axeman99. The Space Quest 6 Popular Janitronics chapter should work now. Some files were corrupt. I've also fixed the cool Thoreen song at the download page, which didn't work, along with 1001 small other things.
- Be sure to check out my site next Sunday, I've got a nice surprise for the old timers of the Space Quest Community among us.

What's new on the 9th of March 2002?
- Brand new site design everyone! And I decided to change the site name to SpacQuest.Net. You might experience some troubles with broken links and stuff . Don't be an asshole, and report them to me, please.
- Uploaded way better scans of the Space Quest 4 and 5 manuals.
- Added the Complete Space Quest 3 soundtrack! Thanks to all the people who made this possible.

What's new on the 8th of February 2002?
- Even more news, this time from Game Spot. Do take a look. Keep your pants on, though. The game hasn't been announced by Sierra (yet). It might as well be (even more) wild rumors.
- Also, my sources told me will reveal the biggest story of them all in the very near future. Rumors are that Sierra isn't going to make the game itself, but that it will be made by an independent studio, according to
- You can always mail me to get your answers answered. And visit for more information.

- Everybody is talking about that "new" logo Sierra made on their Space Quest website at Not to be an asshole, but that logo was used in the Space Quest Collection, 15th anniversary edition, back in 1994. Click on the image for a larger view. So sorry if I shattered that part of your dream.

What's new on the 7th of February 2002?
- This is it, fellow fans! Sierra is definitely up to something. It seems that a NEW SPACE QUEST GAME has been CONFIRMED by Adventure Gamers. To be honest, I don't know how reliable this source is. Why don't you just go find it out yourself? To get the latest news/rumors etc, visit The SubSpace Channel. DO post your own questions if you want. You can also email me if you wish. Also, another great source of information can be found here: Do check back. Don't you just stand there! BOMB Sierra with your questions, NOW! Spread the word, ladies. I don't know what's going on, but there is really something happening here.

- You have seen already, right? This tells us they are going to sell the games again. Why else would they have made this page? We all know Sierra stopped selling Space Quest for quite some time now. Why the sudden change?

What's new on the 3rd of February 2002?
- The Space Quest 5 chapter is now finished! I hope you all like it.

What's new on the 2nd of February 2002?
- Extremely good news for you all! Sierra seems to have plans to sell Space Quest again! Take a look at this page: Surely, they aren't going to waste webspace, time and money to make that page if they aren't going to do anything with it right?

What's new on the 9th of January 2002?
- Uploaded the Space Quest 6 manual and the Space Quest 6 Popular Janitronics!! Go visit the Space Quest 6 chapter now!
- Take a look at these cool design sketches from Space Quest 6 if you haven't seen them already. They are very cool.
- And last but not least, I've uploaded BETTER QUALITY SCANS of both the Roger Wilco Comic #1 AND the Space Quest 2 Space Spiston Magazine. A screen resolution of 1024*768 is highly recommended.