The news archive of SpaceQuest.Net: Updates of the year 2001

This page is here for reference only. I do not guarantee the information below is correct because it might be outdated. All the links and images have been removed as they might be outdated too.

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What's new on the 15th of December 2001?
- Added the official Space Quest 1 hint book to the Space Quets 1 hints.
- Updated my download page. Check out all the cool new stuff!!!
- As promissed: the Space Quest 1 VGA manual (comes complete with copyright protection).
- More cool Space Quest scans are coming soon, stay tuned! Just to give you a sneak preview: The Space Quest 2 manual will be scanned in a higher resolution for more detail. And last but not least, the design sketches of Space Quest 5 AND 6!
- I recommend you guys to check out this link. That is, if your interested in any RELEASED PICTURES FROM THE SPACE QUEST 7 FANGAME!!

What's new on the 13th of December 2001?
- I've scanned the Space Quest 1 EGA manual today. Please check out the Space Quest 1 chapter.
- Probably much more interesting for the die hard Space Quester, the Space Quest 3 manual! Check out the Space Quest 3 chapter, and click on THE MANUAL.

What's new on the 5th of December 2001?
- Added some cool information about the official Space Quest 7 project, like the "good bye" letter from the Space Quest 7 team (not the fangame !!). Brings back memories. Click here.
- Added some very cool "rare pictures" at the Miscellaneous chapter. They are taking from the Sierra website... The 1996 edition!

What's new on the 22th of November 2001?
- I've added a cool funfact for the Space Quest 3 chapter. Check it out, it is worth it, trust me.
- I have fixed the Space Quest 7 chapter. I forgot to upload it. You know, I could have fixed it days ago if you guys had just sent me an e-mail. Please mail me if there is something not working on my site.
- Small update today. Updated and added some links.
- The original Space Quest 5 hints will be here soon.
- Check out my new message board! No ads anymore! Now, start posting!

What's new on the 18th of November 2001?
- At last! After three (make that four) days, is back online. I apologize for the fact that I couldn't inform you guys about this. But Geocities took my site out of the air because of one of their bullshit rules. I even paid for that site! But none the less, I had to deal with the same rules as a free websites. I think this is unacceptable, and I have moved. Now I have 150 MB!
- I'm Working on my own message board, without ads and a faster server.
- You'll be able to get the zip files of the manual scans, for easy downloading.
- The download page will be expanded. An suggestions or additions? Mail me.

What's new on the 7th of November 2001?
- The manual of Space Quest 5, the Galactic Inquirer! Check out the new Space Quest 5 chapter.
- Experimental Flash banner at the contact page.

What's new on the 26th of October 2001?
- Made some small navigational changes.
- Hey, I've got a message board, why don't you guys use it for a change!? :(

What's new on the 10th of October 2001?
- Next to part one and two of the Roger Wilco Comics is now part three! Check out the Misc section.
Other points of interest:
- I've scanned the entire Space Quest 2 manual, called Space Pison Magazine. It's available at the Space Quest 2 Funfacts page.
- added a book review for the misc page.

What's new on the 22nd of September 2001?
- Redesigned the whole page for 800 X 600 users. 1024 x 768 is still recommended. Let's hope this page still looks good in 1024 x 768 :)
- added a book review for the misc page.

What's new on the 20th of September 2001?
- You can now take a look at the scans of the second issue of the Roger Wilco Comics series.
- I'm planning to redesign the whole site! It will be more suitable for 800 x 600. But in the meantime, I'm going to make a "timer related problem" page, and add inventory items to all the current Space Quest chapters. After that, I'll start making the Space Quest 5 chapter. The first thing it will have will be the original hints, and the Galactic Inquirer magazine! Some plans huh?

What's new on the 19th of September 2001?
- I've scanned the entire Space Quest 2 manual, called Space Pison Magazine. It's available at the Space Quest 2 Funfacts page.
- I've updated the Comics page at the misc section. Issue two of the comic book series will be here in the near future!

What's new on the 17th of September 2001?
- I've added the map from the Space Quest 2 maze.
- Use to access my site!
- I've just bought a pro package from Geocities, more webspace and no more banners or adds on my site. I hope you like it!
- Now the big bang! (drumrole please) I've scanned the entire Roger Wilco Comic issue 1! It's available at the Misc page, go check it out!

What's new on the 14th of September 2001?
- I have plans to buy some extra space and a domainname for this site at Geocities. I crossed the 3 gigabyte/month data limit! You guys are really making me go bankrupt! Anyway, this will also relieve my site of all the advertisement. Keep visiting my site!
- New section opened! Take a look at the misc section. It is really a rough beta, but it has some pretty neat stuff already.
- I'm trying to scan some manuals and books for this site. I hope I'll have some pictures soon. This all depends on my school schedule. I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I assure you; the scans will be great.
- Updated 1001 small things.
- The contest is closed! I decided to close down the contest one day earlier, due to circumstances. The winners: Alisha won Space Quest 2, Bjorn won the Space Quest 5 hint book, And the webmaster of won Space Quest 5.