Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest 1 Screenshots Here are some cool screenshots taken right from the game. You might notice from the EGA screenshots that the point count doesn't seem to be right. Well, what can I say? I cheated.

Space Quest 1 EGA Screenshots

  • Title screen
  • Star generator room
  • Arcada lower decks
  • Arcada vehicle bay
  • Inside the escape pod
  • Escaping the Arcada
  • Orat's cave
  • The underground caverns of Kerona
  • Droids B Us
  • Inside the bar
  • Leaving Kerona
  • Deltaur main battle guns
  • The star generator aboard the Deltaur
  • Getting all washed up!
  • Escaping the Deltaur
  • The Deltaur exploding
  • Ending ceremony

Space Quest 1 VGA Screenshots