Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest 1 Patches This chapter contains software to repair or update your game. It also contains a fix to solve the timer problems!

Space Quest 1 Patches

Please note that you might not need the error 29 and scidhuv patch if you aren't experiencing the problems described with the patch. Remember the golden rule: don't fix something that ain't broken.

Space Quest 1 VGA enhanced sound and graphic drivers

This ZIP file includes a graphic driver and two sound drivers for Space Quest 1 VGA. Just replace these files with the original files (located on your harddisk SQ1VGA folder) to make them work. The graphic driver enables you to see the original dissolve transitions: the effect you see at the beginning of the game when the Sierra screen "pixelates" away and the SQ1 title screen "pixelates" in. The original file that comes with the game doesn't show this effect on fast computers. Also included are two improved sound drivers. You'll need these sound drivers if you, for instance, can't hear the computer saying: "destruct sequence has engaged" at the beginning of the game. There are actually quite a few more digitalized sound in SQ1VGA, but this one is the most apparent.

Space Quest 1 VGA error 29 patch

This is the 486sbdrv.exe patch which corrects the "Error 29: Unable to initialize audio hardware". Updated driver works with faster systems using the SoundBlaster 16.

Space Quest 1 VGA SCIDHUV patch

This patch will update your SCIDHUV file from SQ1VGA which should give you enough memory to run the program with a mouse driver installed.

Timer Problem Patch

Space Quest 1 VGA has several timer issues that occur if you play the game on a fast computer (>120 Mhz). Various animations run too fast, the spirder droid comes too fast, you die from dehydration within the minute and the acid drops drop too fast. To fix all this, check out my very complete Timer Issue article by clicking on the link above. The article contains links to programs, utilities, fixes, patches and tips you can use to fix the timer problems! For starters, check out this webpage. New Rising Sun has developed some awesome fixes that COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the timer problems. The website includes enough information how to install the patches correctly. These patched are HIGHLY recommended and preferred in favour of slow down utilities and emulators.