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Space Quest 1 Soundtrack > On this page you'll find the complete Space Quest 1 soundtrack. All the songs are recorded from the Roland MT-32, except the songs with a star (*): these are recorded using General Midi.

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Space Quest 1 Soundtrack
As an avid Space Quest 1 EGA player, I always thought playing the VGA version wasn't all that much fun. Later I realized that I wasn't giving the remake enough attention to see that it too had its good points. One of the things I liked about Space Quest 1 VGA right from the start was the music made by Ken Allen, Mark Seibert and Orpeus Hanley. It's without a doubt the one thing that boosts the remake.

This is the most complete Space Quest 1 VGA soundtrack ever done. It has been recorded and edited by Alistair Gillett and Brandon Blume, and I owe them my ever lasting gratitude for creating this soundtrack for my site. If you don't know where to start, may I recommend the SQ1_26- Rocket Bar Theme 3- Madonna (1,6 MB) to you? Comes complete with her "beautiful" voice.

SQ1_01- Introduction (2,1 MB) 2 minutes and 21 seconds
SQ1_02- The Deltaur Intercepts (940 KB) 1 minute
SQ1_03- Arcada Hallways (2,2 MB) 2 minutes and 28 seconds *
SQ1_04- The Lab Scientist (1,4 MB) 1 minute and 37 seconds
SQ1_05- The Star Generator Development Laboratory (684 KB) 43 seconds
SQ1_06- Arcada Lower Levels (696 KB) 44 seconds *
SQ1_07- Arcada Airlock (476 KB) 30 seconds
SQ1_08- Countdown! (Roger Dies 1) (792 KB) 49 seconds
SQ1_09- Thrusting Through Space (716 KB) 45 seconds
SQ1_10- This Button Is Not To Be Pushed At Anytime (Roger Dies 2) (892 KB) 57 seconds
SQ1_11- The Autonav Button (1 MB) 1 minute and 11 seconds
SQ1_12- Skeleton Remains (2 MB) 2 minutes and 15 seconds
SQ1_13- Underground Cave (2,3 MB) 2 minutes and 33 seconds
SQ1_14- Two Guys Commentary (Roger Dies 4) (1,8 MB) 1 minute and 59 seconds
SQ1_15- Hologram (Bad Translation) (1,7 MB) 1 minute and 51 seconds
SQ1_16- Sarien Spider Droid (552 KB) 35 seconds
SQ1_17- Orat's Cave (852 KB) 55 seconds
SQ1_18- Hologram Part 2 (Proving Orat's Death) (2,4 MB) 2 minutes 39 seconds
SQ1_19- Keronian Leader (1,3 MB) 1 minute and 39 seconds
SQ1_20- The Data Cartridge (2,1 MB) 2 minutes and 20 seconds
SQ1_21- Skimmer Theme (1,5 MB) 1 minute and 39 seconds *
SQ1_22- Ulence Flats (460 KB) 29 seconds
SQ1_23- A Business Proposition (1,3 MB) 1 minute and 28 seconds
SQ1_24- Rocket Bar Theme 1- ZZ Top (1,6 MB) 1 minute 49 seconds *
SQ1_25- Rocket Bar Theme 2- The Blues Brothers (1,9 MB) 2 minutes and 8 seconds
SQ1_26- Rocket Bar Theme 3- Madonna (1,6 MB) 1 minute 46 seconds
SQ1_27- Droids B Us (1,4 MB) 1 minute and 32 seconds
SQ1_28- Tiny's Used Spaceships (1,8 MB) 2 minutes and 3 seconds
SQ1_29- SQ4 Timepod Appearance (1,6 MB) 1 minute and 49 seconds
SQ1_30- Asteroid Belt (728 KB) 46 seconds
SQ1_31- The Deltaur (788 KB) 50 seconds
SQ1_32- Outside The Deltaur (772 KB) 49 seconds
SQ1_33- Deltaur Airlock (1 MB) 1 minute and 6 seconds
SQ1_34- The Mystery Box Ride (976 KB) 1 minute and 2 seconds
SQ1_35- Deltaur Hallways (1,1 MB) 1 minute and 10 seconds
SQ1_36- Closing Theme (3,8 MB) 4 minutes and 15 seconds

As a bonus I've added 10 extra tracks for you to enjoy. Although they aren't exactly songs, you can't afford to miss them. Also, I've included a special version of the Rocket Bar Theme with ZZ Top, done by Brandon Blume!

SQ1_bonus1- Leaving The Arcada (338 KB) 24 seconds
SQ1_bonus2- Touching Down On Kerona (208 KB) 13 seconds
SQ1_bonus3- The Elevator Ride (340 KB) 21 seconds
SQ1_bonus4- Acid Pool (180 KB) 11 seconds
SQ1_bonus5- A Big Rock (Roger Dies 5) (240 KB) 15 seconds
SQ1_bonus6- Slots O Death (Roger Dies 6) (672 KB) 42 seconds
SQ1_bonus7- The Fire Droid (308 KB) 19 seconds
SQ1_bonus8- Deltaur Ventilation System (344 KB) 21 seconds
SQ1_bonus9 The Weapons Droid (264 KB) 16 seconds
SQ1_bonus10- Stolen Star Generator (280 KB) 17 seconds

SQ1_24B- Rocket Bar Them 1- ZZ Top (Studio Version)
(1,3 MB) 1 minute and 25 seconds

Total file size: 54,5 MB

All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.