Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest 1 Easter Eggs An 'easter egg' is a hidden feature that is intended to be found by the player. This page lists every easter egg of Space Quest 1.

Space Quest 1 Easter Eggs EGA

Roger taking a pissYou can step around the left side of Droids-B-Us. Walk as far north from there, and then step partially behind it. Type take leak and you'll get one of three funny messages. Sorry, no graphics. There are also 5 buckazoids for you there. The buckazoids aren't there in version 1.0X though.

Try typing scott in the game. This will work in any screen. The game will output: "Hello Roger Wilco, I've been expecting you. You're obviously a person of dubious taste. Drop me a line at Sierra and let me know if you've enjoyed playing." Looks like this does not work in version 1.0X.

A meteorFrom the escape pod screen, go East, East, North, North, East, East, then stand in the middle of the screen and wait. A meteor will crash-land exactly on top of your head.

Space Quest 1 Easter Eggs VGA

Use the TONGUE icon on the purple spiral above the doorway Roger walks out of after acquiring the Sarien uniform on the Deltaur. A Latex Babe runs across the screen with a messed-up color palette.