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Forum Software Update Downtime

Nov 25 2013 05:25 PM | MusicallyInspired in SpaceQuest.Net News

The forums are scheduled to be updated to the latest version of IPS this weekend. During this time the forums will be locked. The update shouldn't take more than a couple hours to install so it shouldn't interfere too much.

Bountice Edit: the upgrade is finished.
Of course let us know if you encounter a problem.

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Space Quest Incinerations - live with developer...

Jul 22 2013 09:37 AM | Troels Pleimert in News

Saturday, July 20th, 2013 ... So, after struggling with audio problems and cameras that apparently fry computers, the Let's Play Live of fan game Space Quest Incinerations was finally underway. Present was Chris Ushko (lead designer, writer, artist, animator, programmer, pretty much everything), Frederik Olsen (musician) and Akril (character designer, artist). Playing the actual game and "hosting" the event was me, Troels Pleimert (Space Quest Historian).

The deal was to try and beat the game in the 4 hours that Google+ gives you for YouTube streaming -- and we made it! So now you can watch all of Incinerations being played, live before your very eyes, while Chris, Frederik and Akril give running commentary.

Also, during bathroom breaks from yours truly, you will get to see exclusive character sketches, test renders and models from the development process. It's like a DVD extra unto itself.

Oh, and stick around for the ending when Chris reveals a super-secret easter egg that lets you get the "greatest ending ever," even if you don't deserve it.

The event was hosted on Google+ and live-streamed on YouTube. Check out how to watch the whole shebang, right after the break.

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SpaceVenture playable demo is GO!

Jul 17 2013 07:59 AM | Troels Pleimert in SpaceVenture News

Holy logjams, Batman! You can play the demo of the new science-fiction comedy extravaganza by The Two Guys From Andromeda, which they'll be showing around the San Diego ComicCon soon!

(By the way, that extravaganza goes by the name of SpaceVenture. Yes, you may have heard of it.)

Attached Image: demo_title.jpeg

Not much else to say. Head over to svrewards.com, log in with your backer account and click "Rewards." If you don't see the demo right now, it's because it's still being uploaded. Patience, young sewer mutants.

Read more on The Two Guys' most recent Kickstarter update. (This also goes if you like Police Quest. No, seriously.)

Also, get in on the discussion -- we've created a special forum, just for discussing the demo: http://www.spaceques...emo-discussion/

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Play the "Big Three" fan games on your...

Jun 22 2013 11:50 PM | Troels Pleimert in News

You all know about the magnificent "Big Three" fan games, right? That would be Space Quest: Incinerations, Vohaul Strikes Back and Space Quest II VGA. And it's starting to sound less and less fair calling them the "Big Three," what with Pledge Quest I & II being out ... but hey, it stuck back in 2012.

Anyway, these "Big Three" (techically five) games have something in common: they were all made with the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) engine by Chris Jones.

Recently, playing these games on anything other than a Windows system was causing both players and the developers some headaches, since the AGS engine isn't really designed to run on anything but Windows. But some people have successfully ported the "Big Three (Five)" to Linux and Mac platforms (at least, I think all of them have?).

Now you can enjoy these games on your Android phone as well! Some remarkable genius named Jochen Schleu (yup, he's German) has made an AGS engine that runs on Android.

Simply installing the latest version of the app and then downloading the games to your phone will let you ... well, play these games on the phone! Do you need more fantastic news than that?

Check out a step-by-step guide on how to play Space Quest: Incinerations after the break ...

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Make your own fan game: Free Roger/Bea sprites

Jun 06 2013 07:57 AM | Troels Pleimert in SpaceQuest.Net News

You ever had that feeling that you had a cool story to tell, but you couldn't draw for crap and Mark Crowe was nowhere in sight? You're not the only one.

Long, long ago, someone had an idea of building a vast library of free graphic assets that creative Space Quest fans could use to create their own fan games using Adventure Game Studio, AGAST or whatever else they'd want. The goal was to have a big library where, as the game maker, you could just pick and choose between a vast array of sprites and background art -- planets, aliens, spaceships, etc.

Now, to get the ball rolling, Akril -- famed graphic artist and co-designer on the Pledge Quest series, as well as, I'm sure, other things ;) -- has created sprites for Roger Wilco and his wife-to-be Beatrice Wankmeister. They are high quality and free to use for non-commercial fan games!

Attached Image: getupfeaturedimage.png

Check out how to get them after the break.

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Space Questers on Twitter

Mar 18 2013 12:44 PM | Troels Pleimert in SpaceQuest.Net News

Keep up with the Space Quest fan base on Twitter. The Two Guys From Andromeda are there and so are a host of other happy people gleefully smearing their business all over cyberspace. Er, but in a good way.

Check out this post to see how you can keep up and interact with the fun-loving bunch in the Space Quest community.

Keep up with the ever-growing list by keeping an eye on this forum thread.

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Space Quest on Android

Mar 17 2013 12:50 PM | tomimt in News

Intrepid forum user tromimt lets us in on a little secret on how to get Space Quest running on your Android phone or tablet via Dosbox.

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SQ2 Remake Soundtrack B!

Feb 21 2013 02:14 PM | Troels Pleimert in News

If you're just getting over how great Brandon's soundtrack for SQ2VGA was, here's James Mulvale's portion for your free listening pleasure:

Space Quest II Remake - James Mulvale

You may have heard that James is also contributing music in an official Two Guys capacity. In fact, he wrote music for the Cluck Yegger app that's out for the iPhone. I'd say a polite golf clap is in order here. ;)

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First look at SpaceVenture!

Feb 16 2013 02:41 PM | Troels Pleimert in SpaceVenture News

This is practically old news at this point, but last Wednesday, The Two Guys released the first in-game screenshot from the up-coming SpaceVenture.

Well, need I say more? Look at this!

Attached Image: spaceventure.jpg

So ... there will be hallways in this game! When will the excitement end?

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SQ2 Remake Soundtrack A!

Jan 29 2013 05:22 AM | MusicallyInspired in News

In case you haven't seen this on the boards, Brandon Blume -- a.k.a. MusicallyInspired, the man behind the 9 minute SQ4 metal medley -- has released the work he did for the VGA remake of Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge by Infamous Adventures.

For you impatient fallen space heroes, you can grab it right here: Space Quest II Remake - Soundtrack A (MediaFire) 47.7MB ZIP

Or you can do yourself a favor and read Brandon's succint explanation of why this is only a third of the full soundtrack -- not to mention how you can listen to the other two-thirds -- after the break ...

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