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Rebuild Progress Report #2


Hello Space Questers!

Work on rebuilding the website continues. The Space Quest 1 and the Space Quest 7 sections have been completed. Next up is the Misc section!

Please let me know if you encounter any errors.

Rebuild Progress Report #1


Hello Space Questers!

During my daily trips to Amsterdam, work on this website slowly but steadily progresses. The main section is now completed and the Space Quest 1 section is coming along nicely.

The work does take longer than expected. The original HTML-code is in atrocious condition. Table- and font-tags all over the place. That code is horrible enough to make Trump almost look competent.

Please let me know if you encounter any errors.

SpaceQuest.Net completely rebuild!


Hello Space Questers!
Ok, this one's gonna get weird. With life, it seems, things never go as planned.

Almost five years ago, the Two Guys came back from the void to our Local Group and successfully funded their own kickstarter project. They started working on a brand new funny sci-fi adventure game, that in many ways will be very familiar to us Space Quest nuts. Nobody could foresee it would take them this long to complete, though. The project has its ups and downs and most fans remain confident the Two Guys will deliver in the end.

Personally, things have been hectic for me as well. For almost 10 years, I've been working my ass off at my own company, creating websites, short films and smartphone apps. Unfortunately, the company never really took off. Mainly due to the atrocious economic climate. You know the drill.

A couple of years ago, things went downhill. My business partner got sick for about a year (you guessed it: a burnout), leaving me to run the company alone. Eventually, we had to close down our office and work from home. I also sold this website to the Two Guys, because I would no longer afford the webhosting. Bad times indeed.

About 1.5 years ago, I finally decided I have had enough of all the stress and negativity. I quit my company and started a teaching job halfway across country. I love my job, but it's far from home, so I travel by train a lot. This means time enough for a little project on the side!

Just a few days ago, I decided to buy back SpaceQuest.Net from the Two Guys and update the website while I'm at it. It's an opportunity for me to dig up some good old times, being the nostalgic melodramatic guy that I am. Which brings me to this.

The webdesign is well over 13 or 14 years old. So, what to do with it? If you don't mind me saying, it has aged rather well. It could just as well be me, though. I've grown fond of this silly virtual place, where I met so many great people, where there are so many memories. Good or bad. So, no way! This place doesn't need to shed its skin. It just needs a little touch up. I'm doing a technical overhaul, while keeping most of the good stuff completely in tact.

I do realize very much so, that the way this website was autocratically managed originally, is not the way we do stuff online anymore. While this website slumbered on in HTML3.2 cyberspace, HTML5, responsive design, web 2.0, blogging, vlogging (for Christ sake!), YouTube, user generated content, social media, wikipedia, open source, github, and that JavaScript taskrunner crap has come and matured. It's only logical this website must change a bit too.

That's why eventually I will make this website a GitHub project, so that people can contribute, write new stuff or update erroneous or outdated material. But there's no way I'm changing it into anything other then it has always been. Nobody needs another set of characterless Wikipedia pages.

But more about all that much later. This rebuild will probably take weeks, if not months to complete. Pray I don't change my mind halfway in.

Here, have a laugh while you're at it:

SpaceVenture kickstarter successfully funded!


Hello Space Questers!
Are you just as excited about the recent news as I am? The Two Guys coming back together now that their Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded! Have you had a chance to actually reflect on that yet? Good, me neither. That's why I'm jumping around like a headless Astro Chicken for the past couple of days.

To be frank (yet I am called Frans), I haven't figured out yet what my future role will be. Or the role of this website, for that matter. But what I do know is that exciting new things are definitely stirring on the horizon. I'll do my best to get things started and I've decided to take things as they come.

Now that the Two Guys From Andromeda are back in town, working hard on their SpaceVenture KickStarter game, please check out their website:

So, that's that for now... Until I figure out where this is all going. But keep in touch. This time it's going to be different. I mean, it has been six years, hasn't it?

Help the Two Guys From Andromeda create their epic new Spaceventure


<FTP Access denied>... "Crap, let me first reset that one."

<FORKLIFT FTP --> main.shtml LAST MODIFIED 4/25/2006"...Come on! Has it really been THAT long?"

<FILE -> OPEN IN DREAMWEAVER> "...Can't believe I'm actually updating a website on a Sunday! Don't I get enough of this crap during the week already? What the hell am I thinking?"

... "Holy crap! ... Are those FONT-tags I'm seeing? And where the fluff are all the headers gone too? And ANY other symantic construction of ANY type? Has this guy ever heard about W3C and accessibility?"

... "Geezes Kryst! Who coded this crap? ... Now wait a minute! ... Let me just copy / paste this son-of-a-table ...

Ooh, wait... I'm already online? *cough* *cough*... Lemme see. How did I used to do this again?


Hello Space Questers!

It has been almost 6 years to date since I last wrote to you. Grandpa here used to remember a day when there was no Twitter, Facebook, Justin Bieber or Google+ to worry about. Let alone those pesky Social Media and SEO experts! So I come back to you now at the turn of the tide.

... Ooh, so you think that quote is a bit old fashion too? Well, you may be right.

Anyways, it has come to my belated attention that - apparently - The Two Guys From Andromeda have returned to our part of the galaxy! So much so that they have hopelessly fallen into horrific human customs of setting up their own Twitter accounts (ooh no!!). Here's Mark Crowe's (Who? You know, that dude without the beard!) Here's Scott Murphy's (Yeah, the one that's sexier and with the beard). There's even a Twitter account and a Facebook account dedicated to their resurrective selves.

Go visit their new website by clicking on their battle cry below. So get your backpack, I mean jetpack, and fly over there - Join the discussion!

Help the Two Gues from Andomeda create their epic new Spaceventure!

... I've been away from this for so long, I forgot what it tastes like. You may hook me up on Facebook yourself, or give me an e-mail howler in case you want to talk some sense into me. Believe me, many men and women - many of them better than you - have tried.

<FILE -> SAVE> "God, what am I doing? Please make it stop!"