Links to Other Sites The Space Quest Universe stretches out deep into Cyberspace. From frequently updated websites to the "golden oldies" whose webmasters have stopped updating ever since SQ7 got cancelled.

Links to Other Sites

Here you can find some excellent websites, mostly related to Space Quest in one way or another. If you have a website about (aventure) games, Sierra or Space Quest and want to be listed here, then please contact me.

If you're a webmaster and want to add SpaceQuest.Net to your website's link page, then check this out!

Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset

This is the first Space Quest fansite on the internet. Unlike SpaceQuest.Net, The Virtual Broomcloset is more or less centred around the "fan" part of the community, such as fangames, fanprojects and fanfiction. It contains all the top-notch stuff you should expect from a Space Quest fansite such as hints, downloads and too-cool interviews. Take me there!

The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco

A website with a very original concept, featuring just about every way to die in the Space Quest Series. Get shot, squashed, burned, decapitated, exploded, stepped on, deleted, turned inside out, shocked, decompressed, shattered, puked, terminated, melted, eaten alive, blasted, twisted and more. This site sure knows how to get the best out Roger's physical abilities (plus a bit more than he can handle). I certainly can't think of one dead Jeysie has missed. And that's saying something. As a bonus, this website also contains the deaths from fangames. Take me there!

The Other Side of Space Quest

A fansite with a rather intriguing twist. It's not really about Space Quest, but about people, places and objects that share the name Space Quest, Roger Wilco, or any other Space Questy terms, but have no direct relation to the actual Series. Take me there!


This website is a complete database containing information about every Space Quest fanproject (released, in production or cancelled). Check out their download section for fangames or demo's. Take me there!

The StarCon Website

This is an awesome website made by Space Quest Fan Nicholas Cross back in 2000. It's a shame it isn't updated anymore, although Nicolas himself is still considered to be an active member of the community. In my humble opinion, this fansite is one of the best ever made. Take me there!

The Space Quest Collection

Yet another Nicholas Cross product! This is the first 100% Flash SQ fansite ever. Take me there!

Space Quest fans are known throughout the universe for their willingness to start fangames. Here are a few links to promising or finished projects.

The Lost Chapter

The first finished fangame ever, made by Vonster D Monster! On the website you can download the game or take a look at some screenshots. Take me there!

Space Quest 0: Replicated

Jeff Steward made a great fangame. He hasn't really created a website, but the Virtual Broomcloset has all the infomation you'll need about the game. Take me there!


Home of the Space Quest 7 fanproject. Made by fans, for the fans. Be sure to check out their latest Status Release! Take me there!

Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back

This is a fanproject that shows potential of being released. Their screenshots look rather nice! Take me there!

Space Quest III: VGA Remake

Khaveen & co are trying to release SQ3 with new 3-D graphics and an icon interface. Go check out their demo! Take me there!

Sierra always had and has a very large amount of fanssites supporting those old time favorites. But there's more to Sierra than just Space Quest. The following links are the most worthwhile Sierra fansites out there.

AGDInteractive - Is remaking dated Sierra games into dated VGA graphics. Take me there

AGI Development Site - Tons of information about the AGI engine. Take me there!

Al Lowe's Humor Site - Yikes, Al Lowe somehow survived it all. Take me there!

Chris' AGI Website - Your AGI resource page! Take me there! - THE best fansite about this game made by Al Lowe. Take me there!

Good Old Adventures - A chatsite where you can chat in your favorite AGI game. Take me there! - Home of the "So You Want To Be A Villain" project. Take me there!

Leisure Suit Larry Archive Site - Awesome fansite about Leisure Suit Larry. Take me there!

Quest for More Glory - This is a cool fansite about Quest for Glory. Take me there!

Quest for Glory Series - Another cool QfG fansite. Take me there!

Quest Studios - Covers music from Sierra games. Take me there!

Sierra Classics - Offers the Sierra Oldies for download. Take me there! - Ken Williams himself runs this website. Take me there!

Sierra Music Centre - Like Quest Studios, this website is about Sierra music. Only better. Take me there!

Sierra Planet - Mainly deals with games made by Roberta Williams. Take me there

Vintage Sierra - The Collector's Resource! Take me there!


Some other cool websites of importance.

Abandonia - An excellent Abandonware website. Take me there!

Aventure Gamers - Renowned for its daily news coverage and honest reviews. Take me there!

Ebay Auction - An awesome place to find those old games! Take me there!

The Good Old Days - One of my favorite Abandonware websites! Take me there!

Just Adventure - Another great adventure game website. Check out "The Inventory" magazine. Take me there!

XTC Abandonware - Another excellent abandonware website. Take me there!

Quandary - At Quandary they believe that adventure, puzzle and role-playing games deserve better. Take me there!