Welcome! This website pays tribute to Space Quest: the wacky sci-fi humor adventure computer game series by Sierra On-Line, starring space janitor Roger Wilco! Put on your Astro Chicken flight hat and enjoy the website!

Welcome to SpaceQuest.Net!

Welcome to SpaceQuest.Net! This website pays tribute to Space Quest: the wacky sci-fi humor adventure computer game series by Sierra On-Line, starring space janitor Roger Wilco! SpaceQuest.Net is the ultimate Space Quest resource website, containing everything you wanted to know about Space Quest, and then some. Put on your Astro Chicken flight hat and enjoy the website!

Getting help: Space Quest on social media

Back in the days, the best way to meet other Space Questers was to go to our infamous message board, the Janitorial Times. Times have changed, though.

Is Orat driving you mad? Do the Latex Babes of Estros prove too much for you? Or, you simply can't get the games to work correctly on 21rst century computer hardware? Then join us on Facebook and Twitter (#SQN and #SQ)! Also check out YouTube for some excellent 21rst century resources.

You can also post a message on the message board of The Two Guys.

Website status and statistics

SpaceQuest.Net is online since October 25, 1998. The last update was in Februari, 2017. Achievements:

  • Daily record: 12th of June 2004 with 1167 unique visitors.
  • Monthly record: May 2005 with 13335 unique visitors.

They're back!

The Two Guys From Andromeda are back in town, working their SpaceVenture KickStarter game!

They're back! The Two Guys from Andromeda. Official site.

What's here?

SpaceQuest.Net is the largest and most complete archive of Space Quest related material on the internet. It spans well over 1400 MB of SQ related data! Please navigate the website using the tabs at the top of this page to get more information about a certain game. You won't be disapointed with the wealth of information available.

What is so special about SpaceQuest.Net?

This website goes far beyond your regular fansite. Of course it offers screen shots, game information and technical support on all six games. But it goes a lot deeper than that. It offers bucket loads of unique and exclusive information about the Space Quest Series.

By talking directly to people who helped creating the Series (people like Shawn Sharp, Mark Crowe, Richard Powell, Ken Williams, Tim Loucks, William Shockley, Al Lowe, Josh Mandel and many others) this website is able to offer huge amounts of "behind the scenes information" but also a great number of the original design sketches and even some design documents.

This is the only place on the internet where you can find all five of the official hint books. The manuals have become rare items these days. There are only a few copies out there. That's why this website offers you high resolution scans of the original documentation of every Space Quest game.

You'll also find high resolution scans of the Roger Wilco Comics, three ultra rare comic books released in a very limited print run in the early 1990's. And let's not forget about a number of unique SQ video's from old promotional VHS tapes!

These are just a few things of what I call "SQN Exclusives". Remember, other websites can only copy this exclusive content: SpaceQuest.Net brought it to you first. With pride.

What you should know about this website:

This website is designed for modern webbrowsers with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in mind. Please read the disclaimer below before continue surfing this website.

You may not use any material (images, texts, zip archives, pdf files, html codes and others) on this site without my written permission. You may not distribute this site's material in any form. This means you MAY NOT:

  1. use material for a website
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However, you may use and download material for personal use. By visiting this site, you agree with these simple "rules". Please keep in mind that this site is hosted on a paid server which means bandwidth is limited and NOT free. All original content (c) Frans van Hofwegen unless noted otherwise. All Space Quest related material, character names and other stuff (c) by Sierra.

SpaceQuest.Net stands out from the crowd because it is the first and only website to deliver exclusive material like original design sketches, interviews, scans and so on. This has been realized at great personal expense. I've invested a lot of time, money, sweat and blood to offer you all this unique stuff you see around you. I hope you agree with me that it's unethical and unfair as fellow webmaster to claim this unique content as your own and to use it on your website as you see fit. Keep in mind that SpaceQuest.Net is special because it's the only one on the internet with this kind of content. If everybody would just copy, then SQN wouldn't have any rights to exist anymore. Please respect this website's content. Please do not copy it for use on your own website.

I do not claim ownership of Sierra related material.