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Fangames are extremely hip things, especially around our Space Quest Universe. Many over-enthusiastic fans started their own project without really knowing what it takes to produce a full length adventure game. So naturally, without good planning and without decent concept plans, most fanprojects were doomed even before they were announced. And let's be honest to each other. It truly takes a bit more than just being fan of the series to create a game of your own. The Space Quest Fangames website shows an interesting retrospective, if you will, about the fangame craze that swept the community for some time. I guess you could safely say that for every finished fangame, 20 or 30 get cancelled.

Yet, if it weren't for the fanprojects, the Space Quest Community would have died out a long time ago. The prospect of cool fanmade games kept many fans at bay. And as things turned out, the two fanprojects that actually released a game got praise from thousands of people outside the community! Slashdot and Gamespot ran articles about them, and large abandonware websites took the games in for download. Fangames and retro gaming aren't just a buzz around the Space Quest Community.

One can discuss and critize the games for the many typos, plot inconsistencies, their bugs, weak (or "borrowed") graphics, weak plot, weak character design and for using cliche after cliche. None the less, the games stand out. They are truly amazing additions to the community and have enriched the Space Quest Universe.

This chapter offers finished fangames for download, along with some basic information.



Space Quest Chapter 0: Replicated
Official website:
Download: Here! (660 KB)
Made by: Jeff Stewart
Released in year: 2003

SQ0 offers fans an untold tale of Roger Wilco as our hero finds himself posted aboard Labion Orbital Station 10, a Class 3 Cloning Facility. Unfortunately, it appears that a mysterious someone (or something) has murdered all of Roger's fellow crewmates during one of his famous supply-closet naps. Join Roger as he escapes the station, travels to Labion for the first time, manages to die in literally dozens of creative new ways as he struggles to figure out just what happened aboard LOS10 and--if he plays his cards right - save the universe from a fate too terrible to mention.

Replicated Screenshot 1 Replicated Screenshot 2 Replicated Screenshot 3 Replicated Screenshot 4 Replicated Screenshot 5


Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
Official website:
Download: Here! (852 KB)
Solution: Walk through (Word Document 40 KB)
Made by: Vonster D Monster
Released in year: 2000

This before-unknown-sequel in the Space Quest Saga begins with Roger Wilco, still floating around aimlessly in space after defeating Vohaul in SQ2. After who-knows-how-long drifting in space, a strange force slams into Roger’s escape vessel which causes it to travel close to an unknown planet. Right after passing the planet, the escape pod is trapped by the planet’s gravitational pull and starts a rapidly descent to the planet’s surface. The escape pod crash-lands but is relatively undamaged. The crash has trigged the release of the sleepchamber in which Roger is snoozing away. He soon wakes up, to find himself still inside the escape pod, and quite blonde too! Roger soon starts to survey his surroundings, finding that he has crashed onto a heavily vegetated planet. Here, the adventure starts.

TLC Screenshot TLC Screenshot 2 TLC Screenshot 3 TLC Screenshot 4 TLC Screenshot 5

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